Apple Plans iPhone 12 Update to Address French Radiation Issue

Apple Plans iPhone 12 Update to Address French Radiation Issue

After radiation concerns, Apple will update its iPhone 12 in France, according to the nation’s digital minister.

According to Jean-Noel Barrot, Apple will soon release a software update for users in the nation.

Following the discovery of excessive electromagnetic radiation by a regulator, sales of the iPhone 12 were stopped in France. Apple was ordered to resolve the problem.

The company claimed that users in France, where it claimed. A special testing methodology exist, would only be affect by the latest version.

Apple Plans iPhone 12 Update to Address

The US tech behemoth claimed the radiation results came from that testing process and were “not a safety risk.”

Apple’s intentions for the iPhone 12, which was release barely three years ago. Other nations are call into question by the next update.

Before resuming sales of the iPhone 12, Mr. Barrot stated that the radio frequency. Regulator (ANFR) would test the new software to ensure compliance.

In the past, the World Health Organization has worked Apple Plans iPhone 12 Update. Address to assuage concerns about the radiation that mobile phones generate.

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It claims on its website that there is insufficient data to draw. The conclusion that human exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields is detrimental.

Apple explained the radiation discovery in France as “due to a unique testing process. Employed by French regulations and not a safety concern” in a statement to the AFP news agency.

Apple announced earlier this week that it was appealing the ANFR’s review.

It claimed to have given the regulator laboratory data from its own and outside sources. Demonstrating that the device complied with all applicable regulations.

But, Mr. Barrot gave Apple a two-week deadline and predicted. That there might be “a snowball effect” when France informed other EU regulators of its findings.

On Thursday, regulators from Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium announced. That Apple Plans iPhone 12 Update to Address they were now also looking into the situation.

The French probe may result in actions that would be applicable to all the countries. That make up the European Union, the German BNetzA network agency informed.

Following the French election, the US and the UK have not yet confirmed any moves.

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