China Sanctions Two US Military Firms Over Taiwan Arms Sales

China Sanctions Two US Military Firms Over Taiwan Arms Sales

In the most recent instance of Beijing criticizing American backing for the island, Northrop Grumman Corp. and a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corp. received sanctions from Beijing for providing armaments to Taiwan.

The spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mao Ning, stated during the regular news briefing in Beijing.

On Friday that Lockheed Martin Corp. of St. Louis, Missouri, “had directly engaged in the US arms sales to Taiwan disclosed on August 24.” “Northrop Grumman has frequently taken part in American military sales to Taiwan.”

Northrop Grumman Corp. (NOC.N) and rival Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT.N) will face sanctions from the United States for selling weapons to Taiwan, the Chinese foreign ministry announced on Friday.

Two US defence corporations have been sanctioned by China’s government for providing weapons to Taiwan.

China Sanctions Two US Military

To import commodities and make new investments has been revoked, according to the country’s ministry of commerce.

The action was carried out a little more than a week after China threatened to take “countermeasures” in reaction.

At a routine press conference, ministry spokesperson Mao Ning warned that China would take “a resolute and severe retribution” against the United States if it continued to maintain military ties with Taiwan and arm it.
Mao identified Missouri-based Lockheed Martin Corp. as the prime contractor directly associated with an arms transaction with Ta.

The American military shot down what was allegedly a surveillance balloon that was flying over a large portion of the country.

Lockheed Martin Corp. and Raytheon Technologies Inc.’s Raytheon Missiles and Defence Division are forbidden.

From “participating in import and export activities connected to China,” according to a statement from China’s trade ministry, as well as from making any new investments there.

The sale of technology related to weapons to China is forbidden.

By U.S. law, although some U.S. military contractors engage in other non-weapons-related activities there. According to the statement, China also fined the businesses twice.

As much as the value of their contracts with Taiwan, and its executives are no longer allow to work there. How China would impose the fines remains a mystery.

Also, the businesses were add to a list of “unreliable entities” whose operations are prohibit because they may “endanger national sovereignty.

Security, or development interests.” The balloon incident was not mention in the statement.

China, which sees Taiwan as a renegade province, has repeatedly attempted to impose penalties on countries and companies that sold armaments to Taiwan.

Following a civil war, Taiwan and China divided in 1949. The 22 million-person China Sanctions Two US Military island has never been a part of the People’s Republic of China.

But the Communist Party claims that it must reunite with the mainland, if necessary by force. The Associated Press and provided some of the information for this report.

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