Politics Kim Jong Un Tours Russia Jet Plant as US Warns on Arms Deals

Politics Kim Jong Un Tours Russia's Jet Plant as US Warns on Arms Deals
  • The US has warned that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s visit to Russia may assist the Kremlin’s attack on Ukraine. Kim Jong Un visited a plant that produces combat jets.
  • On Friday, Kim traveled to the eastern city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur to see a factory that produces cutting-edge fighter jets and other types of aircraft.
  • According to a Russian official Telegram channel, he was shown aircraft including the Su-35 and the Su-57 stealth combat jet.
  • AP — SEOUL, South Korea During a lengthy visit to an aviation factory on Friday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un gazed inside the cockpit of Russia’s most cutting-edge fighter jet.
  • Prompting questions about prohibited arms transfer agreements between the two increasingly isolated nations.

Politics Kim Jong Un Tours Russia

Kim has spoken with President Vladimir Putin and inspected military and technological centers since arriving in Russia on his armoured train.

On Tuesday, highlighting the growing relations between the two countries mired in different conflicts with the West. International countries and analysts predict that in exchange for receiving.

Cutting-edge weaponry or technology from Russia, Kim will likely send ammunition to that country for its war efforts in Ukraine.

On Friday, state-run Russian media released footage of Kim’s convoy leaving the station on its route to the city’s aircraft plant and the train rolling into a station in the far eastern city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Later, a video of Kim viewing the Su-57’s cockpit and listening to its pilot was made public by Russia’s Government.

Kim was seated on an elevate platform. After a demonstration flight, a Su-35 fighter plane landed, and Kim grinned and raised his hands.

Kim also went to a plant making Sukhoi SJ-100 passenger planes, according to a Russian Cabinet statement. According to the report, Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov was with him.

Manturov stated in the statement, “We have shown the leader of (North Korea) one of our premier aircraft plants. As our countries work to achieve technical sovereignty, we are seeing opportunity for cooperation in the aircraft manufacturing and other industries.

Putin informed the Russian media after his meeting.

Kim on Wednesday that Kim would visit Vladivostok next to see the Pacific Fleet of Russia as well as a university and other facilities.

That was Kim’s first travel abroad since his first encounter with Putin in Vladivostok in April 2019. After failing to secure urgently required sanctions relief from the United States.

During a second summit with then-U.S.-President Donald Trump in Vietnam, Kim paid a visit to Russia in 2019 two months later.

Kim’s earlier trip was probably primarily intend to ask Moscow for assistance in avoiding the worst effects of American-led sanctions.

But, in the second year of Russia’s war in Ukraine, Putin seems keen to obtain North Korean conventional weapons to replenish his depleted stock.

Politics: Kim Jong Un Tours Russia’s

According to experts, in exchange, Kim will ask Moscow for help modernising his air force and navy, which are outclasse.

By rival South Korea’s, while Kim has invested a large portion of his own resources in his nuclear weapons programme.

The most significant domestic launch facility in Russia, the Vostochny Cosmodrome, hosted the meeting between Kim and Putin on Wednesday.

The location is probably connect to North Korea’s difficulties in launching. A functional spy satellite into orbit to track the movements of American and South Korean armed forces.

Putin said when asked if Russia and North Korea could collaborate on space research: “That’s why we’ve come here. Kim exhibits a strong interest in rocketry. They are also attempting to develop space.

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