Woman Accused Of Running Over Boyfriend With Car After He ”Ate One Of Her Chips”


Woman Accused Of Running Over Boyfriend; A 42-year-old woman in Adelaide, Australia. Has been charge with trying to run over her partner with a car after an argument over potato chips, 9 News.com reported. The woman’s boyfriend claimed her partner

“deliberately” ran over her with his car after taking one of the chips.
Matthew Finn has filed a shocking claim in the Adelaide District Court against his partner Charlotte Harrison. Finn told the court he made the mistake of asking for chips from Mrs Harrison’s chicken. Salad packet while he was with her in her Subaru on February 26.

“I thought he was done. shouldn’t have asked for the chip. I had a chip and he pulled over and asked me to get out,” said Matthew Finn on 9News.

Ms Harrison denied the allegations and claimed the incident was an accident. He told the District Court he took Finn to hospital and assaulted him on the way. Prompting him to stop the vehicle to let him out. He claimed that when he got out of the car, he realized that Mrs Harrison’s car was coming towards him.

Woman Accused Of Running Over Boyfriend; Meanwhile, Ms Harrison’s lawyer said she “didn’t mean to hurt” Finn but accidentally hit the gas pedal. While trying to turn back to call police, the Adelaide Advertiser reports. The car eventually collided with another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

However, Finn is convince that it was a deliberate act.

“Straight into a Toyota Yaris, and yes, poor girl, she’ll be scare for life. That was the worst. “I jumped straight across—it wasn’t much of a jump—straight into a little lane over there. He just nailed the Subaru,” Finn told 9News.

Ms Harrison was charge at her bail hearing with aggravate endangerment of life and careless or dangerous driving. Now he has a home care order waiting for him until Friday. He will return to court on Friday to find out if his bail application was successful.

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