Sunak hails ‘right deal for country’ as UK rejoins EU Horizon project

Sunak hails ‘right deal for country’ as UK rejoins EU Horizon project

Rishi Sunak has announced that the UK will rejoin the prestigious. Horizon Europe Sunak hails ‘right deal science research initiative.

The prime minister announced that beginning on Thursday, British scientists will once again be eligible to apply for grants from the £85 billion program.

The announcement was met with jubilation by the UK’s scientific community, which was formerly one of the fund’s major benefactors.

“We have worked with our EU partners to ensure that this is the right deal for the UK, unlocking unmatched research opportunities, and also the right deal for British taxpayers,” Sunak said.

After a Wednesday night phone call between Sunak and the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, the deal was finaliz.

The UK will also re-join the EU’s Copernicus Earth observation satellite program, which has been essential in tracking this summer’s weather extremes, including wildfires throughout Europe, according to a Downing Street statement.

According to the European Commission, the UK will begin making payments to Horizon and Copernicus in January 2024, amounting to an average annual contribution of £2.6 billion.

In addition, this will “provide breathing space to boost the participation of UK researchers in open calls for grants before we start paying into the program,” according to Downing Street.

Sunak hails ‘right deal

The agreement is view as another opportunity. Sunak hails ‘right deal to restart relations between the UK and the EU.

The agreement reached today demonstrates that the EU and the UK are important strategic partners and allies, according to von der Leyen.

Paul Nurse, director of the Francis Crick Institute, said he was “thrill to finally see that partnerships with EU scientists can continue”.

He added: “This is an essential step in re-building and strengthening our global scientific standing.

Thank you to the huge number of researchers in the UK and across Europe who, over many years, didn’t give up on stressing the importance of international collaboration for science.”

There will be relief among the research community that the uncertainty of the previous 2.5 years has ended, according to Michelle Mitchell, chief executive of Cancer Research UK.

“Funding from the EU was important for nearly three-quarters of cancer researchers who responded to our survey, demonstrating how important Horizon Europe association is for the future of cancer research.”

The European Commission declared in a statement. Sunak hails ‘right deal that the deal reached today “remains fully in line with the EU-UK trade and cooperation agreement.

The UK will be compel to make financial contributions to the EU budget and is subject to all TCA protections.

The member states will have to ratify the accord. One diplomat issued a caution that they would examine every detail.

Following a tit-for-tat argument over the Northern Ireland Brexit trading arrangements, the UK was ban from the Horizon program for three years.

In December 2020, Lord Frost secure an associate membership that was open to non-EU nations, but the accord was never confirm because to the Northern Ireland conflict.

When the Windsor framework

Was approved, the road was thus free for a return to the program in February 2023, but discussions on the specific financial parameters lingere on.

The UK wouldn’t be require to pay for the years of absence. Sunak hails ‘right deal as had been agree upon from the start.

The pact also includes the original 2020 accord’s underperformance clause, which allows the UK to be compensat should UK scientists receive significantly less money than.

It suggests a different plan from the original deal’s adjustment mechanism, which feature refunds taking effect when specific criteria were exceed.

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