Seven shot dead in another mass shooting in California

Seven shot dead in another mass shooting in California; 23 (Reuters) – Seven people were kill in a mass shooting at two locations in the northern California beach town of Half Moon Bay on Monday. A suspect was arrest after he drove into a police parking lot and apparently tried to surrender. said.

The shooting in Half Moon Bay, about 50 km south of San Francisco. Followed another mass shooting in Southern California’s Monterey Park on Saturday that left 11 people dead.

California Governor Gavin Newsom said she was visiting the Monterey Park victims in the hospital. When they called her about the shooting in Half Moon Bay, about 610 km to the north.

Tragedy after tragedy,” Newsom said on Twitter.

In the three weeks after Christmas, a series of atmospheric rivers killed 20 people across the country.

San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus identified the suspect as Chunli Zhao, 67. Said he worked at one of the shooting locations. Corpus called the preschools and other officials said they were staff by farm workers. At least one has been describe by local media as a mushroom farm.

“There were farm workers involve tonight. There were children at the scene. This is truly a heartbreaking tragedy in our community,” San Mateo County Sheriff Ray Mueller told reporters. “The stress that has been on this community for weeks is really quite high.

The suspect has been cooperating with investigators, but it’s not yet known why, Corpus said.

A semi-automatic handgun was find in his car, he said.

Seven Shot Dead in Another Mass Shooting in California; Responding deputies found four dead and a fifth victim with life-threatening injuries at the first location in Half Moon Bay. Three people were find dead at another location nearby, Corpus said in a press conference.

Video from ABC 7 in the Bay Area shows the arrest as two plainclothes men. A uniformed deputy eject the man from his car at gunpoint. The suspect came out, was thrown to the ground and search for weapons. Many uniformed officers quickly arrived on the scene with long guns.

According To Corpus, investigators can assume the suspect went to the station to turn himself in. A description of the car and the license plate number were already circulating among officers when a deputy spotted the car in the parking lot, Corpus said.

A woman who witnessed the arrest told reporters that she contacted the sheriff’s office for more information because she works in agriculture and is concerned about the welfare of farm workers.

“I came here to find out what I could do about the situation and why it happened, and I didn’t expect to get this close,” Kati McHugh told Local Reporters. “It was a little too close for comfort.”

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