Opposition Parties Deliver Surprise Challenge To Military Leaders

Thailand’s opposition has witnessed Sunday’s national election as voters voiced. Opposition to the military-backed government that has ruled since a 2014 coup. Ban not many years of anger at the kingdom’s decision by the guardians. Turnout has been at a record high as voters have been calling for change. Setting the stage for a potential coup as the opposition Challenge To Military Leaders to leave. To support the group to form a government based on the political system that is still very influential. Soldiers with more than 99% of the votes counted, the progressive group Moves Forward is predicted to win. 151 seats, followed by the Pheu Thai people with 141 seats.

This made the opposition far ahead of the main president – and 2014 political leader – Prayut Chan-o-cha’s party. Early Monday, Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat, riding a wave of youth support on social media, tweeted that he was ready to take over.”We believe that our beloved Thailand can be better and change can be achieved if we start today… our dreams and hopes are simple and clear, and even if you agree with me or not, I will be your president. And whether you voted for me or not no, I will work for you,” he said. At a press conference on Monday, Pita called on Pheu Thai and other opposition parties to form a coalition against Prayuth. He said the other four opposition parties had agreed to “cooperate in forming a government” and respect all sides. must hold the election.

Opposition Parties Deliver Surprise Challenge To Military Leaders

The military has a head start

But when voters demanded change, overwhelming votes reject. The military that supported both parties, was not sure who would come to power. This is because the military has made sure that they have a lot of control over it. Who goes to the leadership even if they lose the vote? To choose the next prime minister and form a government, a party – or a coalition. Must win a share of the 750-member lower and upper houses of the courts. But according to federal law, Thailand’s 250-member Senate is elected entirely by the military.

Meaning it will be able to vote for military candidates. In 2019, military support won Prayut enough seats to elect the prime minister and form a government. Even though Pheu Thai was the largest party. The Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) said in a press conference on. Monday that the voter turnout was the highest at 75.2 percent.

Progressive Party Delivers A Crushing Blow

In Sunday’s election, political juggernaut Pheu Thai, the main force in Thailand’s politics for 20 years and the favorite of voters before the vote, challenged the party’s support of the country’s conservatives, who historically support candidates with ties to Thai politics. the military, the monarchy, and the political rulers. Pheu Thai is the party of the billionaire Shinawatra family – a political dynasty led by former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

His daughter, 36-year-old Paetongtarn Pheu Thai, ran in the election to become one of the three political leaders. “We must respect the voice of the people. Whoever wins the election has the right to form the government first,” Paetongtarn told reporters on Sunday. But this year, the Mozdulj Elörere party also appeared as a new political choice. His campaign included reforms in the country that promised to change the structure of the military, the economy, and the distribution of power, and even reform the past. nor does it affect the king.

By Grant Peck and Jintamas Saksornchai

The opposition Move Forward Party beat even the best expectations and appeared to win almost all 33 seats in the City Council, Bangkok. Along with the Pheu Thai Party, a popular opposition group, Move Forward advocated for military and royal change. Move Forward is bringing these issues closer to the center of its platform and getting a better reputation. He openly supported minor reforms of the monarchy, while winning young voters, against conservatives committed to the royal family. Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, who came to power in 2014, has been accused of a poor economy, poor response to the pandemic and failure to as a democratic transition – which is particularly painful among young voters.

“These people are saying we need change,” said Saowanee T. Alexander, a professor at Ubon Ratchathani University in northern Thailand. “They’re saying they can’t take it anymore. People are very frustrated. They want change, and they can make it happen.” With more than 99% of the votes counted as of early Monday, Move Forward appeared to have a narrow lead over Pheu Thai, whose leaders admitted on Sunday that they would not succeed in the leadership because there were 39 candidates. million, i.e. 75% of the electorate.

Opposition Parties Deliver Surprise Challenge To Military Leaders

Won The Most Seats In The 2019 Election

But his arch-rival, the military-backed Palang Pracharath Party, formed a coalition with Prayuth as prime minister and the unanimous support of conservative senators appointed by the military junta following Prayuth’s coup. Alexander, of Ubon University, warned that the current situation remains “highly unpredictable” and the results could be unilaterally influenced by the electoral commission, which has previously excluded opposition parties or undermined challenges to the conservative establishment. He pointed to the Bhumjaithai party, which came third. It could be a “swing vote” where the combined mandate of Move Forward and Pheu Thai may not be enough for a majority coalition. Bhumjaithai controls most of the vote in the northeast and helped the military-backed coalition to power.

Move Forward’s Pita could be a potential target for what the opposition calls dirty tricks with bitter experience. A candidate in Palang Pracharath filed a complaint with the Chief Election Commission and the National Anti-Corruption Commission last week, alleging that Pita had failed to introduce a list of shares in a legal asset declaration. Pita denied that he had committed any irregularities in minor technical issues, but the leader of Move Forward’s predecessor, the Future Party, also lost his mandate due to a similar technical issue. His party also posed a radical challenge to the royal institution supported by the army, and it was dissolved.

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