Mafia boss found working as pizza boss after 16 years on the run


Mafia boss found working as pizza boss; Italian anti-mafia police have arrested another fugitive mobster just two weeks after the sensational boss of Sicily’s Cosa Nostra. Matteo Messina Denaro, was arrest on January 16 at a clinic in Palermo, Sicily.

This time it was 63-year-old Edgardo Greco who was arrest in Saint-Etienne, France. Where he work as a pizzaiolo – or pizza chef – at the Italian restaurant Caffe Rossini under the name Paolo Dimitrio.

Greco, who was link to the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta. Was convict in absentia in 1991 of the double murder of brothers Stefano and Giuseppe Bartolomeo. Whom court documents show he allegedly bludgeon to death with an iron rod before dismembering their bodies. He has eluded the Italian police since his conviction.

Anti-mafia prosecutor Nicola Gratteri. Who led the investigation as head of the Catanzaro state prosecutor’s office in Calabria. Described Greco as a “dangerous fugitive.” killer.”

Gratteri began blocking Greco after he was featur in an article in French newspaper Le Progres that was post on the restaurant’s official Facebook page. Prosecutors confirmed to AZ24 News.

Calabria police also said he regularly posts under a fake name on social media. The restaurant’s phone number was disconnect when AZ24 News tried to call it Friday.

Journalist and author Roberto Saviano. Who has been under police protection since the publication of his book “Gomorrah” in 2006. Told AZ24 News that mob bosses generally crave attention. “This is typical. Look at El Chapo, when he was working, he wanted to meet Sean Penn. Who he wanted to make a movie about. And Al Capone wanted to be on the set of ‘Scarface,'” Saviano told AZ24 News in an interview last week.

Mafia boss found working as pizza boss; Italian anti-mafia police say four major mobsters are still in hiding and several smaller ones are on the run. The Italian government’s anti-mafia website lists the top four. Pasquale Bonavota, 48, has been on the run since 2018 after being convict of mafia-relate crimes in Calabria’s ‘Ndrangheta. Giovanni Motisi, 64, a member of the Sicilian Cosa Nostra, has been on the run since 1998, when he was convict of murder and organize crime in Sicily. Camorra resident Renato Cinquegranella, 73, of Naples, has been on the run since 2002 after being convict of murder, weapons charges and extortion, and Attilio Cubeddu, 75, has been on the run since 1997, convicted of multiple kidnappings and believed to be Italy’s single most dangerous fugitive.

Italy’s anti-mafia forces are working around the clock to find those still at large, arresting those within their protection network, freezing bank accounts and assets, and even scouring social media for mistakes like Greco’s that blew his cover .

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