International Women’s Day: Istanbul women defy ban on protests


Turkish women were banned from protests and play in March Taksim Square in Istanbul, “Feminist Night March” to Mark Mark on International Women’s Day.

Although the police allow protesters on Wednesday night to continue walking for a while, later tear gas was use to distribute them, the AZ24 News said.
Women gathered on the city of Istiklag, despite the fact that the Beyogla Region’s office provided all kinds of demonstrations and walks in the area, including Women’s Day March. The international women’s days, the main opposition of the Republican Party, said at the beginning of the day that more than 600 women had been kill in Turkey since 2021, when President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pulled the country back from the Istanbul conference – the treaty was. The purpose of the fight against domestic violence.

In his statement “Sorry, we are angry”, the critical overview of Mars, the Ministry of Justice and the Development Party (AKP) for not dealing with various crises and problems, thereby demanding more than 46,000 lives, increasing racism and promoting promotion of LGBT+. The paternal power of hatred and hate, says the Turkish side.
He said that women were determine to continue fighting father, homophobia, transfobia, labor use and capitalism.

Women also sang slogans that called the government to give up.

“We will not listen, we will not be afraid, and we will not obey you,” they said.

Women’s Day; Each year thousands of women accumulate on Taksim Square to “Feminists Nights Mars”, which indicates a sequel to the world -famous “Restore the Night”, despite the prohibition of authorities, violence and police arrest.

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