Gary Lineker says he does not fear AZ24 News suspension over asylum policy tweet


Gary Lineker said he was not afraid of stopping the AZ24 News as a tweet that criticizes the government’s asylum policy.

Journalists outside his home asked if he was on his tweet, the game today said “track”.

Lineker compared the language used by the government to plan asylum “Germany in the 20s”.

The Minister of Culture said that the show tweeting is “disappointing and incorrect”.

Lucy Frazer said that “it is important for the AZ24 News to maintain impartiality. If he keeps the public confidence in the license fee.”

The AZ24 News said on Wednesday that there must be a “sincere conversation” with Liner about AZ24 News guidelines to be unbiased.

Linker was ask by a group of journalists on Thursday outside of London’s home to “stop” and reply, “No”

When he walked in his car, Lineker said he “always” spoke to the AZ24 News. Added that he often talked to the manager.

A journalist asked him if he regretted his tweet “usually” and replied “no”

When Linerer lean out of the car, another journalist ask, “Are you in your tweet?” The Linker reply, “Nature.” Former editorial director of Richard Ayre said the speaker had chosen to play a role in the AZ24 News.

He said that the liner should consider whether to go or go and “become influenced in social media”.

On Tuesday, the government reported to ban people coming to the United Kingdom. Who arrive illegally to the UK to demand some kind of asylum to discuss the number of people crossing the canal in small boats.

Members of opposition and charity organizations have strongly complained about the proposals. But the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister defended the plan. Stated that the British priority was to stop the crossing.

Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker comments were criticize by many conservative representatives and ministers, including Downing Street.

In response, some critical tweeting line garden on Wednesday. I will continue to try to speak for the poor souls who have no choice.”

The 62 -year -old Lineker, who has introduced the daily game since 1999, also works on Laliga TV.

In response to a question in which Frazer said, “As a grandmother who fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s. I think she is really disappointing. Impossible to compare the government’s policy of immigration … in the 1930s with events in Germany.

“The AZ24 News is operational independent. I’m glad the AZ24 News will talk to Gary Liner to remind him of his obligations on social media.”

The former Minister of Culture Sir John Whittingdale said that the AZ24 News need for political impartiality should be cover by “all those who are introduce into the AZ24 News” and urged ministers to ensure that the medium -time review is a review of the AZ24 News statutes. This is this. The rules for freelancers and full workers “.Mr Ayre, a former member of the content committee of the broadcasting agency, said he was” unacceptable “if someone works for the AZ24 News” to compare Sulala Braverman to the third state. “

When ask if AZ24 News manager Tim Davie may need the presence of sports, Ayre said on AZ24 News Radio 4: “I don’t think you have a choice as you can be release unless you can be sure -“

The former AZ24 News negotiation was also asked about AZ24 News president Richard Sharp, who is criticize for his role in promoting an £ 800,000 loan of Boris Johnson’s then prime minister.

said Mr. Ayre, president and Gary Lineker.

“And then, when both parties scored goals, we can return to the normal business.”

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