Russia-Ukraine live updates: US announces fresh sanctions targeting Russia


Russia-Ukraine updates; A year after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of neighboring Ukraine. The two sides are still fighting for control of parts of eastern and southern Ukraine.
Ukrainian troops have liberated almost 30,000 square kilometers of territory from Russian forces since the invasion began on February 24, 2022. But Putin appears to be preparing for a long and bloody war. Tens of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian soldiers have already died on the battlefield. But Ukrainian citizens are still terrorize by Russian missiles.
Hundreds of Russian books are pile up in the basement of Syayvo bookstore in the capital of Ukraine. Waiting to be pulp.

The books, ranging from classic Russian literature to works translate into Russian. Soviet-era textbooks, were donate by Ukrainians. Who have turn away from Russian culture to embrace their own since last year’s invasion.

US announces fresh sanctions targeting Russia; They are recycled and turned into Ukrainian texts or other products, and all proceeds go to support the war effort, Nadia Kibenko, a 32-year-old store worker who handles the books, told ABC News. Since July last year, 75 tons — about 150,000 volumes — have been recycled, he said. As a child, Kibenko grew up in a Ukrainian-speaking household, but often had the choice to read Russian.

“We don’t burn books,” Kibenko told ABC News in a recent interview in Kyiv. “We’re just giving them another life.”

Russia-Ukraine updates; The cultural battlefield is not only symbolic. Witnesses from Russian-occupied territories say Ukrainian-language books have been thrown out of schools and replaced with Russian ones, as the new curricula teach Putin’s view that Ukrainians and Russians are “one nation”.

According to a report published in December by PEN America, a New York-based literary and human rights organization, “culture comes first” and that Putin “seeks not only to control Ukrainian territory, but also to destroy Ukrainian culture and identity.”

US announces $2 billion more in military aid for Ukraine

US announces fresh sanctions targeting Russia; The United States announced an additional $2 billion in military aid to Ukraine on Friday as the Eastern European nation marks the one-year anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Russia-Ukraine updates; According to the US Department of Defense, the new aid package includes more missiles for Ukraine’s anti-aircraft artillery system (HIMARS), additional 155 mm artillery shells, several Switchblade unidirectional drones and other military equipment.

“One year after a war of aggression wage by a permanent member of the Unit Nations Security Council, our allies and partners around the world are unit and steadfast,” US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a statement. “Putin’s reckless, illegal war is not only an all-out attack on Ukraine’s Sovereignty and a historic threat to European security, but also a direct attack on the system of rules, institutions and laws that world after world has built at such great cost. The Second War a system that rejects aggression and respects the rights of all countries, great and small.”

The additional aid is provide under Ukraine’s Security Assistance Program (USAI), which means that this equipment and artillery will have to be built from scratch before delivery, which will take time. It differs from other aid packages, which come from existing US military stockpiles and are deliver more quickly.

US announces fresh sanctions targeting Russia

The United States on Friday announced new sanctions against those who support Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Russia-Ukraine updates; According to the White House, the new sanctions affect more than 200 people. Companies in Russia and other countries around the world. The Biden administration will also target dozens of Russian financial institutions. Russian officials, and restrict the export of goods. By American companies to about 90 companies based in Russia and other countries, including China, according to the White House.

The restricted products, such as semiconductor chips. Are “use for sanctions evasion and activities supporting the Russian defense sector,” the White House said.

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The United States will also raise tariffs on Russian metals, minerals and chemicals. Which will ultimately cost Moscow about $2.8 billion, the White House said.

“These sanctions, export controls. Tariffs are part of our ongoing effort to impose significant additional economic costs on Russia,” the White House said. “We will continue to work with our allies. Partners to use every economic tool at our disposal to disrupt Russia’s ability to make war. Over time, erode its economy.”

Russia-Ukraine updates; The announcement came on the one-year anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Neighboring Ukraine.

No end in sight as Russia’s war in Ukraine enters 2nd year

As tens of thousands of Russian soldiers lined up on Ukraine’s eastern. Northern borders for “military exercises” last February, some international observers warned that Russia was about to do the unthinkable.

US President Joe Biden has declassified in recent weeks that an attack on Ukraine’s Sovereignty is imminent. This information was share with the Allies to gain support and stop the war, but the attempt proved unsuccessful. The invasion began on February 24, 2022.

The following four seasons saw the bloodiest conflicts on European soil in generations. Tens of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian soldiers fell. Ukrainian citizens were terrorize by rockets aim at energy facilities, city centers and residential buildings.

This month marks the first anniversary of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, which was illegally annex, and the first anniversary of the full occupation of Ukraine.

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