Nicola Bulley: Missing mum’s family ‘stuck in a nightmare’


The family of missing Nicola Bulley have issued an emotional appeal for her safe return. With her sister insisting “people don’t disappear into thin air”.

The 45-year-old was last seen walking his dog by the river in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, last Friday morning.

Speaking to Sky News, Ms Bulley’s sister Louise Cunningham said it had felt like they were “trapp in a nightmare”.

Investigators previously said they had located a potential witness.

“We’re going around trying to piece together what might have happened,” Cunningham said.

Lancashire Police Previously Released CCTV;

footage of a woman walking a small white dog in the area.

The woman has since been identify, according to the police. Officers previously said the woman. Who was Capture on CCTV at 08:50 GMT on Allotment Lane. Not far from where Ms Bulley was last seen, may have information to help the investigation.

An extensive police search involving divers, drones, a helicopter. Sniffer dogs continues but no sign of Ms Bulley has been find.

Her sister added: “We just want her home, we need a home, her children need a home.”

Bulley’s partner Paul Ansell, 44, said the family were living in “eternal hell” . That two daughters were “desperate to have their mum back”. Police were alert after Ms Bulley’s Dogs was find loose on Garstang Road about 25 minutes after she was last seen by a witness.

His phone was later find on a bench, still connect to a work call.

Willow’s springer spaniel harness and lead were also find on the bench. Police said officers were keeping an “open mind” about what happened but did not believe Ms Bulley had been assault.

There is no indication that a third party was involve in Ms Bulley’s Disappearance, the force add.

Nicola Bulley; Officer Sally Riley said: “We know Nicola’s disappearance has caused a lot of concern in the community. It is obviously a terrible time for her family.

“I appreciate the unanswered questions about what happened to Nicola. But I would ask people not to speculate or spread false rumours.

Ms Bulley’s parents previously;

told the Mirror that her two daughters, age six and nine. Who she recently left school with, were “heartbroken” because “mum is gone”.

The key witness, seen walking a fluffy white dog in the area, was located and interviewed on Tuesday. A woman identified as Amanda said she and her husband saw Ms Bulley and her dog shortly before she disappeared.

“It’s a woman who comes [to walk] every day. The dog you see every day. I think there’s a phone left,” he said.

“Just a complete mystery. I can’t explain it.” Another woman in the area told the AZ24 News she saw the dog moments after it was find.

He recognized the spaniel, knew who it belonged to, and added that it was “bone dry” and showed no signs of having been in the river that morning.

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