Watch: Lynn Forbes shares favourite songs from Mass Country

Watch Lynn Forbes shares favourite songs from Mass Country

The late rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes’ mother Lynn Forbes Lynn Forbes shares favourite songs listed her top picks off his posthumous album Mass Country.

The 14-track album features well-known songs like Company (featuring KDDO), Sponono (featuring Sjava, 031CHOPPA, and Baby S.O.N), Mbuzi (Freestyle) (featuring Thato Saul), and Lemons (Lemonade) (featuring Nasty C), to name a few. It was released on Lynn Forbes shares favourite songs February 24just two weeks after the award-winning rapper passed away.

The media personality revealed which tracks are her favorites.

While speaking with SlikourOnLife. Before listing her favorites from the current album, Lynn did mention that she likes Congratulate and “the wedding song,” which she was referring to as Jika.

There isn’t a favorite among all of Mass Country for me. Lynn Forbes shares favourite songs immediately modifies her response and states, “That’s actually my favorite song, Ease.

I find that the song “Ease” is incredibly moving. On Mass Country, the ease is, I do not know, very high. I suppose most people don’t comprehend that music the way I do when I listen to it.

Watch: Lynn Forbes shares favourite songs from Mass Country

The motivational speaker then reveals that she has a “favorite favorite” song from the album, Outspoken Owls, the podcast she co-founded with friend and entrepreneur Katie Mohamed.

“As you can see, I’ll have favorites. Since I plan to climb Mount Everest next year, Everest is currently my favorite Mass Country song. My destination is base camp.

Lynn Forbes shares favourite songs

So that song is now like…and expres sympathy for their loss. His mother claims that Everest and Ease have been her favorites since the publication of Mass Country as a result of her emotional connection to the songs.

Why Lynn considers Everest her “favorite favorite” Since she intends to climb Mount Everest in 2024, Lynn revealed to Slikour OnLife that Everest is her current favorite.

She continued by saying that she was traveling to base camp to get ready for the trek. Everest had given her the courage to follow her ambition.

The tallest peak above sea level, Mount Everest, is an Asian mountain that rises more than 8,800 meters. Lynn ascended Mount Kilimanjaro in 2018 and documented her wonderful experience in an Instagram post.

The mother of AKA has named the song “Ease” from his posthumous.

“Mass Country” album as her favorite. Prior to AKA’s passing. The project was suppose to be released; however, as he was force to admit. A-Reece had another project he wanted to share around the same time.

Tragically, the singer was fatally shot in the head on February Lynn Forbes shares favourite songs. In Durban immediately after leaving.

Watch: Lynn Forbes shares favourite songs from Mass Country

The Wish Restaurant on Florida Road. Tebell “Tibz” Motsoane, his previous manager, was also kill along with him.

The success of “Mass Country” among fans can be attribut to Lynn Forbes shares favourite songs. Them continuing to support their rapper and his legacy after his passing. The project has received numerous honors and still receiving them. Of the album’s songs,

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