Wagner’s Boss Suggests His Forces May Stay in Bakhmut After Threatening 

Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the Wagner mercenary group, has apparently backed down on threats to withdraw his forces from the eastern Ukrainian town of Wagner’s Boss Forces in Bakhmut after the Russian Defense Ministry promised to supply his forces with additional ammunition.
This week, Prigozhin appeared in front of dozens of dead soldiers in an explosive, explosives-laden rant and blamed the Russian military leadership for Wagner’s “tens of thousands” of casualties. He stated that his men would leave Bahamut by May 10 due to inadequate supplies, causing heavy casualties. However, a new audio message posted on Telegram on Sunday suggests that the Russian government has changed its mind after concessions. “The bottom line is this: they promise to give us ammunition and weapons as much as we need to continue our operations. They swear to us that everything we need will be on the wing, so the enemy cannot cut us off. We are told that so we can do as we see fit in Bahmut,” said Prigozhin.
The Russian Defense Ministry did not immediately comment on Prigozhin’s latest claim. Bahamut has been the site of a months-long assault by Russian forces that have driven thousands from their homes and fled the area. But despite the massive amount of manpower and resources Russia devoted to capturing Bakhmut, they were unable to take full control of the city.

Wagner's Boss Suggests His Forces May Stay in Bakhmut After Threatening 

From Putin’s Chef to The Head of Russia’s Private Army

The battle for Bahmut went on for months. The Wagner army and the Russian army are constantly fighting on the same side, against the Wagner’s Boss Forces in Bakhmutarmy. Ukraine decided to protect the city at all costs in order to concentrate. On Russian forces in a place of small importance.
In February, Prigozhin posted another photo of his dead soldiers, criticizing the military leaders for their deaths. Although the army denied that he had deliberately starved his group of Wagner shells. He responded in time by increasing the supplies to the front U.S. military. Analyst Rob Lee said Wagner’s latest complaint about the shortfall may relate to Russia’s Defense Ministry. Control of weapons supplies before Ukraine’s long struggle.
The agency should protect the entire front, but Prigozhin is only concerned about arresting Bahmut, he wrote on Twitter. If Wagner succeeded in capturing the city, Prigozhin could accept political credit, Lee added. The mercenary leader himself predicted that the Ukrainian offensive will begin before May 15. Because the tanks and artillery can dry up after the spring.

The free press is under attack by multiple forces

Media outlets have closed their doors, victims of a broken business model. In many parts of the world, journalism is turning into broadcasting, and the government decides what can and cannot be done. Last year alone, hundreds of journalists were killed or imprisoned for doing their job. The United Nations has reported that 85% of the world’s.The population has reduced their freedom of the media in recent years. This week we celebrate the 30th annual Press Freedom Day. A time for everyone to reflect on the importance of freedom of expression, just like any other right.

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‘More Than Enough Ammunition

On the Ukrainian side, Serhiy Cherevaty, the spokesman of the Ukrainian Eastern Command. Answered questions about Prigozhin’s statement that the Russian army had “more” ammunition. According to him, Prigozhin’s words should have been changed by the heavy losses that Wagner suffered with many soldiers. In the last 24 hours, four hundred and eighty-nine artillery. Pieces have been fired into the Bahmut area – are these bullets hungry? Prigozhin’s threat to withdraw from Bahamut has caused tension in the Russian military as Ukraine makes. Final preparations for the return of thousands of soldiers and new soldiers.

Wagner's Boss Suggests His Forces May Stay in Bakhmut After Threatening 

Message to the ‘demons’

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) also said on Sunday that it had foiled an attempt by Ukrainian intelligence officials to attack a military airport in central Russia with bombs. broken The light pilot and another member of what the FSB called a “terrorist group” were arrested in Russia’s Tula region after flying from Ukraine, the statement said. Anticipating the attack, Russia continued its missile attacks against Ukraine, targeting the industrial zone in the southern Mykolaiv region.
A weather alert was sounded across two-thirds of Ukraine for several hours on Sunday night as officials said air defenses shot down several drones, including one over the Kyiv airport. According to the Ukrainian state prosecutor, six members of the Ukrainian anti-destruction forces were also killed in the Russian attack in the south of Kherson. Ukraine is expected to soon launch its long-running campaign to control Moscow, including in the Zaporizhia region, home to Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

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