US denies Cold War with China in historic Vietnam visit

US denies Cold War with China in historic Vietnam visit

With the signing of a new historic agreement with Vietnam, President Joe Biden refuted claims that the US is aiming to limit China’s global influence.

Mr. Biden traveled to Hanoi to seal the accord that will put the once-enemies even closer than they have ever been more than 50 years after the last American soldier left Vietnam.

The US has significantly improved relations with Vietnam through the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. It is the result of Washington’s tenacious.

Efforts over the previous two years to deepen its connections with Vietnam, which it sees as essential to containing China’s power in Asia.

It is a significant achievement. Vietnam, one of China’s longest and most steadfast allies, has established its highest degree of diplomatic connections with Washington through this alliance.

US denies Cold War with China

In Hanoi, Mr. Biden told reporters that American moves were not intend to isolate or constrain China, but rather to maintain stability in line with global norms.

“I believe that we think too much in terms of the Cold War. That is not the issue. In answer to a query from the, Mr. Biden told reporters in Hanoi on Sunday. It was about fostering economic growth and stability.

He declared, “I want China to grow economically, but I want them to succeed by the rules.”

Beijing has already expressed annoyance at signs of thawing relations, labeling them as further proof of America’s “cold-war mentality.”

Le Hong Hiep from Singapore’s ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute asserts that Hanoi has given this some thought and that the agreement with the US is “symbolic rather than [one of] substance.”

Vietnamese aspiration

Closer connections could result in greater economic transactions and less dependency on China, despite the title possibly being symbolic.

The labor force in Vietnam is youthful and highly educated. Also, it has promoted an entrepreneurial attitude that is very appealing to US investors, particularly. Those who want to relocate their manufacturing bases from China.

In recent years, numerous household names, including Dell, Google, Microsoft, and Apple, have moved portions of their supply chains to Vietnam.

As Hanoi strives to wean itself off of Russia, the US also views Vietnam. As a prospective market for arms and military hardware.

US denies Cold War with China

Washington is also eager to assist Vietnam in developing its electronics industry and semiconductor supply chain.

Two areas that have been contentious as the US tries to limit China’s access to cutting-edge technology.

Yet, Vietnam might not perceive its new alliance with the US as taking a side. It makes sense for Hanoi to have a deeper relationship with Washington as Beijing’s economy sputters.

“I lived in America for seven years, so I was aware of the American dream and was given the chance to live it. Yet, I reasoned that I had a bigger dream. The aspiration of Vietnam is “the co-founder and CEO of Selex Motors, Nguyen Huu Phuoc Nguyen.

He is pointing at his e-scooter manufacturing line while standing in the company’s warehouse.

The company was found by Mr. Nguyen five years ago. He now has agreements with big delivery companies like Grab and Lazada.

Vietnam, though, might not perceive its new cooperation with the US as taking a side. Hanoi’s deeper ties to Washington are only practical while Beijing’s economy sputters.

“I spent seven years in America, where I learned about. The American ideal and was given the chance to live it. But, I reasoned that my dream was bigger. Vietnamese aspiration, “Nguyen Huu Phuoc Nguyen, co-founder and CEO of Selex Vehicles, states.

He is pointing at the assembly line for his e-scooters while standing in the company’s warehouse.

Five years ago, Mr. Nguyen founded the company. He now has agreements with important delivery companies, like Grab and Lazada.

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