Trump Plans Harsher Trade and Tax Policies for His 2024 Comeback Bid

Trump Plans Harsher Trade and Tax Policies for His 2024 Comeback Bid

Donald Trump and his advisers are mapping out an economic agenda with harsher trade policies and deeper tax cuts.

If he returns to the White House, stirring anxiety within the US business community of potential retaliatory measures.

Hashed out over phone calls and intimate dinners at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club, the ex-president intends to center his economic plans on extending and deepening the Republican tax cuts from 2017.

Rolling back regulations put forth by President Joe Biden and enacting additional tariffs, according to three people familiar with the discussion.

Donald Trump invited his top economic advisors to his exclusive golf club in New Jersey for a two-hour dinner last Wednesday night.

To lay out a trade-focused economic strategy for his presidential campaign, despite increasing personal legal risk.

Trump Plans Harsher Trade and Tax Policies

According to three people with knowledge of the meeting. Who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the meeting, Trump and top aides, including a former senior.

White House officials Larry Kudlow and Brooke Rollins. As well as outside advisers Stephen Moore and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

I spent the dinner discussing how Trump could attack President Biden in the 2024 election. On the economy, amid a recent wave of favourable economic news that has boosted Biden’s fortunes.

One of the topics they addressed, according to the sources. Was Trump Plans Harsher Trade and Tax Policies proposal to impose a “universal baseline tariff” on almost all imports into the country.

This proposal, which Trump has started to refer to as the formation of a “ring around the U.S. economy,” may signify.

A tremendous escalation of global economic upheaval, surpassing the trade conflict that characterised much of his first presidency.

The plan is still being work on, with many important issues unanswere. According to Trump advisers, who have been discussing potential tariff rates for months.

The former president suggested it on Fox Business.

On Thursday that this levy be place at 10 percent “automatically” for all nations. A proposal that experts say may increase consumer costs throughout the economy and trigger a trade war.

In a conversation with Kudlow on Thursday on Fox Business. Trump stated, “I think we should have a ring around the neck” of the American economy.

“Companies should automatically pay, let’s say a 10% tax, when Trump Plans Harsher Trade and Tax Policies they enter and dump their goods in the United States. 10 percent for everyone is a good idea.

The proposed tariff policy expansion, which aides said is anticipate to be a key part of the 2024 campaign platform. Reflects how Trump is looking to increase the power he held while serving as president.

He is considering broad authoritarian measures for his second term. Such as using the military to fight street crime and purging the federal workforce.

For the first Republican presidential primary debate, scheduled for Wednesday. Trump has decided not to elaborate on this vision for the country. Trump declared he wouldn’t go.

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