Trump dismissive as New York attorney general accuses him of inflating his net worth by $2 billion

Trump dismissive as New York attorney general accuses him of inflating his net worth by $2 billion

In a face-to-face confrontation with the New York attorney general who is suing him for fraud, Donald Trump defended his real estate empire and his presidency.

Testifying at a closed-door hearing in April that his company is flush with cash and that he saved “millions of lives” by preventing nuclear war while president.

During his testimony, which was made public on Wednesday, Trump described it as a “terrible thing” that Letitia James.

The attorney general, was suing him over assertions he made on his annual financial statements about his net worth and the value of his skyscrapers, golf clubs, and other properties.

In a flurry of court documents, Trump’s attorneys made public the 479-page deposition transcript of the president in advance of a hearing on September 22 at which a judge might decide to dismiss all or part of the case before an October trial.

New York attorney general accuses

According to James, there is proof that Trump exaggerated his net worth by up to 39%, or more than $2 billion, at times.

On April 13, Trump told James, who was seat across from her in her Manhattan office, “You don’t have a case and you should drop this case.

” Trump claimed “it’s a shame” that “now I have to come and justify myself to you,” pointing to his contributions to the city’s skyline.

When questioned about whether the financial statements he provided to banks were true, Trump claimed repeatedly that, legally speaking, it didn’t matter whether they were or weren’t.

Don’t believe the statement, it says in a clause I’ve included. Do your own work by going outside. It is “worthless” to say this. It has no significance.”

Trump stated during his testimony.

“You’re meant to attach no credence to anything we say whatsoever,” he remarked, referring to the disclaimer.

James asked Judge Arthur Engoron to give summary judgment on one of the seven claims in her complaint that Trump and his business misled lenders.

insurers, and others by lying about his wealth and the worth of his assets. This claim is one of seven that James is pursuing.

James’ office claimed that Engoron simply needed to respond to two inquiries in order to reach a decision.

Whether Trump and the Trump Organization used the yearly financial statements in their commercial dealings, and whether they were incorrect or deceptive.

According to the 100-page summary judgment motion submitted by Andrew Amer, James’ special litigation counsel, “the answer to both inquiries is a resounding ‘yes’ based on the mountain of undisputed evidence” in the case.

If the case is not settle, Engoron would continue to preside over a non-jury trial on the six other claims in the lawsuit even if he decide on the fraud allegation.

Trump’s attorneys are requesting that Engoron throw the case out completely.

They contend that James has standing to file a lawsuit against Trump since the allege victims “have never complaine, and indeed have profit from their business activities,” and that many of the allegations are time-barred.

Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination in the upcoming presidential election. Has been indictes four times in the past five months.

He is alleged to have conspired in Georgia and Washington, D.C., to rig the 2020 election. Hoarded classified documents in Florida, and fabricated financial records.

Relating to hush money received on his behalf in Manhattan. The presidential primary season will coincide with some of Trump’s criminal cases.

James sued Trump in September, claiming that for at least ten years. He had exaggerated the worth of assets like his Mar-a-Lago residence.

New York attorney general accuses

In her case, she demands a $250 million fine and a prohibition on Trump conducting business in New York.

Trump claim in court that he never thought the financial statements be taken seriously. And that he simply ordered them so he could see a list of his numerous properties.

Despite the fact that financial institutions occasionally request them. He acknowledged that some of the values stated were “guesstimates.”

One lawyer concerned that Trump’s seven hours of sworn testimony in April could drag. On until midnight due to his verbose responses to queries, which at times ranged from evasiveness to bluster to filibuster.

It was a change from Trump’s deposition from the previous year, before James launched her lawsuit. In which he steadfastly declined to respond to any but a few formal questions.

Trump referred to his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination more than 400 times during that prior deposition.

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