The Most Useful Travel Hacks, From Globetrotting Irish Travel Creatives

Most Useful Travel Hacks

When I tell my friends about my lifestyle as a digital nomad, they frequently equate me with wealth and luxuries.

They are astonished to learn that I am able to handle my finances while working from the stunning Caribbean beaches.

Yet in actuality, I’m working exactly like everyone else; I just don’t have to enter an office to do it. Working from home allows me to travel without spending like Kim Kardashian.

Also, I’ve developed money-saving travel strategies. I had to learn many of these tips the hard way because, at first, I wasn’t a very shrewd traveller.

I overspent on shopping and eating, missed flights, and reserved expensive hotel rooms.

But despite all of my mistakes, I developed as a digital nomad and improved my travel skills. Here are nine of my favourite money-saving travel tips:

Be adaptable with your travel dates and locations

You’ll get better deals if you can be flexible with your vacation arrangements. If you already know where you want to go, try to be flexible with your travel dates to discover the best deals. Alternatively, if you can only travel at a specific time, compare the costs of other locations.

I enjoy taking advantage of my flexible schedule as a digital nomad. Particularly, I enjoy the flight offers I discover on websites like and Scott’s Cheap Flights.

For travellers seeking an inexpensive trip, Skyscanner also has a helpful function. You can enter your starting point and then browse flights to “Everywhere” by using the search bar. To find the cheapest flights, you can also search by month.

Naturally, not everyone has this flexibility. Yet, even if you have to travel during a busy time of year or over a holiday, changing your travel dates and looking for discounts could result in significant savings.

conserving cash while vacationing

Get a free stay via pet-sitting

Thanks to housesitting, I’ve been able to save more than $30,000 on food, gym membership lodging, and utility costs. Working as a housekeeper or pet sitter while travelling is a great way to cut costs, get to know the people, make new friends, see the area’s attractions, and have an authentic travel experience. You’ll also get to enjoy the comfort of a sumptuous home and the company of a pet that you love.

Two of the most popular websites for finding house-sitting jobs worldwide are TrustedHousesitters and MindMyHouse. Although TrustedHousesitters charges $119 per year, the money you’ll save on rent and other travel expenditures may make the expense worthwhile.

Most Useful Travel Hacks

You can also attempt Couchsurfing to cut costs on lodging.

Not all digital nomads should couch surf, but it has helped me save hundreds of dollars. I’ve had the good fortune to meet hosts who have cooked dinners for me, taken me to neighbouring tourist attractions, and even given me access to their high-end pool and Wi-Fi after just a few hours of conversation.

I solely look at potential hosts on the review-based website If a host didn’t have glowing recommendations from past couch surfers, I wouldn’t stay with them. I also try to meet possible hosts before staying with them in a public area for added security.

conserving cash while vacationing

When purchasing a ticket, review the baggage policies.

Avoiding expensive airline baggage fees, which can add up rapidly if you’re not diligent, is one of my top travel tips for saving money. Before making your travel arrangements, familiarise yourself with the luggage policies of your airline to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Keep in mind that regulations vary by location, fare type, and carrier. While flying overseas, one airline might let you check two bags, while another would only let you check one. Several companies provide base fare tickets without any baggage, not even a purse or carry-on.

If you buy your bags online before your journey rather than at the airport, most airlines do give you a discount. Make sure to research prices and policies among airlines before purchasing the “lowest” ticket so you may select the most affordable option, even if it isn’t what you initially assumed.

  1. Make the most of your credit cards’ reward points.

You’ll be shocked to hear about the advantages you’ve been squandering by not making the most of your credit card. Using your points for hotel upgrades, cheap flights, checked bags, no foreign transaction fees, meals, and other travel-related benefits is easy with a travel rewards credit card.

Most Useful Travel Hacks

Some travel credit cards even provide you access to airport lounges with complimentary food and beverages and a round-the-clock concierge service for booking flights, hotels, and car rentals. Also, if you book reservations through the card’s online site, cards like the Citi Premier card and the Chase Sapphire Preferred card increase your point values by 25%.

While using travel rewards credit cards can be a fantastic way to save money on travel expenses and collect rewards points, it’s important to watch your spending so that you don’t go overboard. These cards could change from being a blessing to being a burden on your bank account if you spend more than you can afford to pay off each month.

Use these travel tips to your advantage to save money.
I’ve developed a number of travel hacks to help me save money while travelling during the years that I’ve been a digital nomad. Although searching the Internet for discounts takes some time, I think the money I save makes it worthwhile.

Also, by discovering ways to cut costs while travelling, I may save even more money for my upcoming fantastic trip. Hopefully, these travel tricks will make your upcoming trip even more fun and far less expensive.

Always be found, never go missing

Download the Google maps of your new neighbourhood to your phone and access them offline if you don’t want to be “the tourist” who always carries around a travel book and a map. It’s that simple, and you’ll never seem lost again.

Be on the lookout for TVs
Check the back of neighbouring TVs; they frequently feature USB plugs that allow you to charge your phone and other devices in case you lose, forget or run out of chargers and adapters. Ask for a charger at the front desk if you’re staying at a hotel; if you’re lucky, they might have some extras you can use.

Exude a luxurious odour
When you travel for a long time, especially when you’re backpacking, your luggage undoubtedly starts to smell. Not if you know this quick and easy trick: stuffing dryer sheets or a soap bar into your suitcase (thanks, hotel bathroom!) can instantly make you and your belongings smell like fresh flowers and sea breezes.

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