The Mic Cardi B Threw at a Fan Just Sold for Nearly $100,000 on eBay

The Mic Cardi B Threw at a Fan Just Sold for Nearly $100,000 on eBay

Little did Cardi B realize at the time, but throwing a microphone at an Sold for Nearly $100,000 angry concertgoer resulted in a gift to charity of almost $100,000.

Owner of the audio production business The Wave Scott Fisher put the piece of gear up for auction on eBay after the “WAP” rapper gained notoriety for furiously Sold for Nearly $100,000 flinging her mic at a fan in the crowd during her July 29 Drai’s Beach Club concert in Las Vegas. After a week and 122 bids, the microphone finally found a new owner for an astounding $99,900.

The purchase comes a few weeks after Cardi attacked a fan with Sold for Nearly $100,000 the mic for throwing a cup of ice water in her face as she was singing. The fan had become a bit too enthusiastic after the Grammy winner requested earlier in the performance that audience members lightly mist her with water to help cool her off from the summer heat.

During the performance, a concertgoer who claimed she was “hit by an item that was hurled from the stage” filed a police report alleging battery. When Las Vegas Sold for Nearly $100,000 police confirmed a report had been filed, they did not specifically mention Cardi by name, but the address of the venue where the rapper was performing was the same as the location of the alleged incident in the report.

Sold for Nearly $100,000.

The microphone-turned-weapon was first advertised on eBay for $500. But Fisher previously told TMZ that the working mic initially cost $1,000. The Wounded Warrior Project and the nearby nonprofit Friendship Circle Las Vegas. Which supports children, teenagers, and young adults Sold for Nearly $100,000 with special needs. Would get the proceeds from the sale, he added.

The rapper Cardi B reportedly tossed a microphone at a fan at a show late last month. Sparking a brief police investigation and reigniting discussions over fan conduct. The microphone was later auction off online and sold on eBay on Tuesday for close to $100,000.
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Cardi B’s microphone’s seller said he would divide the cash equally between two people.
The Tuesday auction ended with the microphone selling for $99,900 after more than 120 bids.

After placing the microphone up for auction on eBay last week. Seller Scott Fisher said on Facebook that the money raise will be equally split between Friendship Circle Las Vegas Sale for Nearly $100,000 and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Sold for Nearly $100,000.


Videos of the event reveal that on July 29, as Cardi B was playing at Drai’s Beach Club in Las Vegas. A spectator hurled an ice-filled drink at the rapper.

Before security intervened, Cardi B replied by hurling her microphone at a spectator.

Videos of the incident went viral, sparking debates about whether the rapper would face legal action. The following day, an unnamed concertgoer reported to the police. That they has been “hit by an item thrown from the stage.” Early reports claimed that the incident was the subject Sale for Nearly $100,000 of a criminal investigation by law enforcement. But the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department informed Forbes that the inquiry was finally halt due to “insufficient evidence.”

Cardi B’s incident is the most recent in a succession of occasions where musicians have received objects thrown at them or onstage. Bebe Rexha required hospitalization after a phone struck her during a performance in June. Afterwards, assault charges were brought against Sale for Nearly $100,000 the individual who was accuse of tossing the phone. Ava Max a concertgoer assault her in the face, Kelsea Ballerini was struck by a bracelet thrown onstage by a fan. And Pink had a bag carrying a concertgoer’s mother’s ashes tossed onstage by another fan.

Cardi B threw a microphone at a spectator in Las Vegas.

It was later sale on eBay for almost $100,000. The celebrity also posted videos of the rapper throwing a mic on social media at the end of July, which went viral.

The incident happened after Cardi B, real name Belcalis Almanzar, was performing her hit song Bodak Yellow on stage at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas, Nevada, when a lady apparently Sold for Nearly $100,000 splashed a drink on her.
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The following day, the police verify that the event has been report as a battery. However, they later end their criminal investigation and say that no charges be after conducting a “thorough examination” of the case.

The microphone has now been auction on eBay’s auction site.

Scott Fisher, the proprietor of The Wave Inc, a Las Vegas-based audio production company that on the day of the event supplied sound equipment to the beach club, first listed it for sale.
He claimed he was able to find the microphone and made the decision to sell it on eBay with the promise that the money would go to two charities: Friendship Circle Las Vegas, which supports teens and young people with special needs, and the Wounded Warrior Project, which aids Sold for Nearly $100,000 injured warriors.

He stated: “We supplie more than one microphone for this specific Sold for Nearly $100,000 concert and confirm with the in-house crew which one was exclusively use by Cardi for the show.

“Yet, it was rather simple to spot because her microphone was tag “primary.” This is the microphone that was see flying into the crow around the nation when Cardi was douse with a liquid. After it was return to the audio shop, I tested the mic and it is still functional.

“A hip-hop infamous piece”

He advised bidders to take the sale seriously in a later article. The fact that the money is going to a worthwhile cause and that this is a real auction may very well fall on deaf ears. Please don’t bid if you don’t intend to purchase the item.

“Please bid whatever you are prepare to spend if you want a piece of hip-hop infamy and what has now become national and international news.”

After collecting more than 120 bids, the item has finally been sale for $99,900 (about £78,400).

I had no idea, but I was hoping it would reach $5,000, Fisher told American news organization CBS News. “I expected it to get some national attention, but the volume of news coverage has been amazing,” the author said.

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