Soldiers Seize Power in OPEC Member Gabon in Latest African Coup

Soldiers Seize Power in OPEC Member Gabon in Latest African Coup

Four days after the disputed presidential elections in the central African nation, soldiers took control in OPEC member Gabon. The country’s dollar bonds sank.

On the off chance that the tactical takeover holds in the previous French province, it would stamp the 10th in sub-Saharan Africa in the beyond three years, and follows an upset in Niger last month.

The tactical takeovers have been established in the financial disquietude and powerlessness of administration that have taken care of dissatisfaction among regular citizens and, in West Africa, specifically the spread of fanatic savagery.

Following a coup in Niger last month, the former French colony’s military takeover would be the ninth in sub-Saharan Africa in the previous three years if it succeeds.

The economic downturn and poor administration, which have fueled public discontent and in West Africa in particular the spread of extremist violence, are at the foundation of the military takeovers.

According to the and Agence France-Presse, army officers appeared on Gabonese state television to proclaim that they had canceled the election for August 26 and disbanded the government.

Soldiers Seize Power in OPEC Member

The opposition claimed that President Ali Bongo’s family had been in power for 56 years and that the election was rigged.

The worst-performing emerging market bonds on Wednesday were Gabon’s dollar-denominated bonds due in June 2025 and November 2031. As of 8:16 a.m.

In London, the 2025 notes decreased 11.54 cents to 81.76 cents on the dollar. Shares of the listed units of TotalEnergies SE, Maurel & Prom SA, and Eramet SA, all of which have activities in Gabon, all fell during trading in Paris.

The oil-producing nation of Gabon is unique

In that it hasn’t experienced Islamist assaults or escalating unrest. The ruling family’s hold on power has, however, been under threat in recent years.

In 2019, troops attempted a failed coup just months after Bongo had a stroke that rendered him incapacitated for close to a year.

former colonial power Despite widespread worries about Gabon’s democracy. Human rights record, France has continued to maintain close links with that country.

In March, President Emmanuel Macron traveled to Bongo, which was largely interpreted as a show of support.

In its former colonies, France has a history of supporting ruling dynasties, dictators, or presidents-for-life in the region in the interest of stability.

It has fueled anti-French sentiment that coup plotters have used against them.

As the 15-nation bloc threatened to use military force to compel the military junta to relinquish power. The putsch increases concern about a potential chain reaction of coups.

Africa and increased pressure on regional organizations. Such as the Economic Community of African States, to act to restore civilian rule in Niger.

On Monday, Macron issued a dire warning: “All the presidents across the region are more or less aware of the fate that awaits them” if the union doesn’t restore democracy.

A smaller member of OPEC, Gabon produces roughly 200,000 barrels daily. Although the nation contains large quantities of manganese and oil, these resources haven’t raised living standards.

The World Bank estimates that 32% of its 2.2 million inhabitants are below the poverty level.

Soldiers Seize Power in OPEC Member

Four months after the passing of his father, Omar Bongo. Who had been in charge since 1967, Bongo was first elected president in 2009.

However, it is unclear where he is now residing. In the nation’s closest election ever, he won a second seven-year term in 2016. When his victory was declared, there was looting and rioting.

Several hours after Bongo was declare the election’s victor with 64.3% of the vote. According to AFP, the takeover was proclaim.

The US Embassy in Libreville, the country’s capital, issued a warning. About the “possibility of protests throughout Gabon in the lead up to and aftermath”.

The vote increased as concerns about a repetition of the upheaval grew.

The UK Foreign Office amended its travel advice for the nation and suggested that residents stay inside.

“Our network of embassies in the region will be paying close attention. What we need to do and what we are able to do,”. UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said in an interview on Wednesday while visiting Beijing.

Months after the Gabonese constitution was modifies to enable the president to be chosen in a single round of voting.

Bongo announced his quest for a third term. Additionally, voters had to select their favorite party’s legislators and leader under the new system.

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