Sam Kerr girlfriend Kristie Mewis: From how they met to why they’re not ‘private people’, everything you need to know

Sam Kerr girlfriend Kristie Mewis: From how they met to why they’re not ‘private people’, everything you need to know

Sam Kerr, a star player for the Australian football team, has shared a rare glimpse inside her relationship with US player partner Kristie Mewis, detailing how they initially met and fell in love.

The two acknowledged seeing each other for the first time in 2019 while competing for clubs in the National Women’s Soccer League in the US, according to a recent interview with UK online newspaper Gaffer.

The couple later started a dialogue via Instagram direct messaging but were “forced” to start dating online owing to Covid restrictions.The couple acknowledged that they first crossed paths in 2020 while representing opposing clubs in the National Women’s Soccer League in the US.

The Matildas are receiving unprecedented attention.

Due to the exploding interest in women’s football in general and the team in particular. With popularity comes scrutiny and an interest in both the player’s professional and personal accomplishments.

It particularly applies to Sam Kerr, 29, who is the captain and most well-known player for the Matildas and is already regarded as a sporting hero in Australia.

What do we know about her partner, Kristie Mewis, a 32-year-old American football player with Gotham FC and the USA national team?

Much was made of the fact that Kerr would face Mewis’ ex-girlfriend, Lioness star Rachel Daly, in the Australia vs. England semi-final on Wednesday night, which England won 3-1.

Sam Kerr girlfriend Kristie Mewis

Mewis later met Kerr, and they started communicating online during the COVID lockdowns of 2020 before spending two weeks in isolation together.

“We had to be together for two weeks. In an interview with Gaffer Magazine earlier this year, Kerr said, “I was thinking, ‘If I don’t like her, this is going to be awkward.

During the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, they were first seen together as America overcame Australia in the women’s football semifinals.

When Kerr shared a picture of the two of them kissing less than a week later, the couple became “Insta official.”

They have now established themselves as a “power couple” for the LGBTQI+ community.

Gaffer was informed by Kerr that “We’re not private people.”

I enjoy telling my story. I enjoy revealing my identity outside of football.

The couple found time to have dinner together, FaceTime when they were separated, and settle down to watch TV together despite the “difficult” demands of their professional careers, Kerr added.

The fact that we can see an end to professional playing, she said, “I think, is what keeps us going.”

“All we want is for each other to succeed in our careers.

Sam Kerr girlfriend Kristie Mewis: From how they met to why they’re not ‘private people’, everything you need to know

You couldn’t possibly have a long-distance relationship with someone who didn’t understand sports, in my opinion.

Mewis expressed her wish to the media that being a “out and proud” pair will encourage others to feel confident and at ease with their sexuality.

That would mean a lot to me, she added, “simply being out and being two girls in love. If we can alter one or two people’s life and the way that they feel. About each other and how comfortable they feel.”

I enjoy posting about my relationship on social media.

Mewis regularly shares posts with Kerr on Instagram, where she has more than 440,000 followers.

An other image of the couple together has the comment, “Every second I get with you.”

Mewis frequently posts clothing and swimsuit photographs on social media to flaunt her very muscular form.

The sportsman from Massachusetts developed a passion for football at a young age.

She spent three years playing for Boston College before moving to Australia in 2013 to play for Canberra United FC. After that, she spent time in Germany and Japan before coming back to the US to resume her playing career.

The US Women’s National Soccer Team will be follow as they play in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in a new Netflix documentary that will star Mewis.

Sam Kerr girlfriend Kristie Mewis

It’s anticipated that it will debut later this year. Australia has been enthrall by the Matildas‘ incredible run to the FIFA Women’s World Cup semifinals, which has ignited debate all around the country. With the increased interest in women’s football, notably the Matildas, the players are receiving more attention than ever.

Sam Kerr, 29, has attracted enormous recognition and acclaim as the captain. And most well-known member of the Matildas, making her private life a source of tremendous intrigue.

Sam Kerr girlfriend Kristie Mewis: From how they met to why they’re not ‘private people’, everything you need to know

Kristie Mewis, a 32-year-old American football player for Gotham FC and the United States national team, and Kerr are now dating.

Mewis previously dated Rachel Daly, the star of Lioness.

When Kerr shared a picture of them kissing on Instagram. During the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, they made their romance public. They have since earned a reputation as a “power couple” among the LGBTQI+ community.

Despite the pressures of their professional sports careers, Kerr and Mewis still find time for one another. Whether it is through sharing a meal, FaceTiming when they are apart, or watching TV together.

Their shared passion of athletics is an essential component of their partnership. And they both support and motivate each other in their various endeavors.

On a regular basis, Kerr and Mewis post messages of support and affection on each other’s social media pages.

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