Russia-Led Military Drills Near Poland Stoke Border Tensions

Russia-Led Military Drills Near Poland Stoke Border Tensions

After warning Warsaw that he would take any “aggression” against Minsk as an attack on his own country, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces are conducting joint military drills in Belarus close to the Polish border.

The exercises will start on Friday and last through September 6 according to the Collective Security Treaty Organization, an alliance of six former Soviet states.

Over 2,500 troops are expected to take part in the war exercises being held in Belarus, some of which will take place in the bordering Polish regions of Brest and Grodno, according to the state-run Belta news service.

As tensions between Belarus and the two NATO countries rise over the Russia-linked Wagner mercenaries who relocated.

To Belarus after their brief rebellion in Russia, Belarus has started conducting. Military drills close to its borders with Poland and Lithuania

Russia-Led Military Drills Near.

Following a settlement that put an end to the Wagner fighters’ armed insurrection. In late June and allowed them and their commander.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, to avoid prosecution, Poland and Lithuania have both reinforced border security.

In a delicate region where both states border Belarus and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. The leaders of the two Nato countries have warned that they are prepare for provocations from Moscow and Minsk.

The remarks were made at the beginning of August following a brief low-altitude flight into Polish airspace by two Belarusian helicopters. Authorities in Belarus denied that their helicopters had infiltrated Poland.

The maneuvers, which started on Monday, are based on lessons learned. From “the special military operation,” as Russia refers to its conflict in Ukraine.

According to the Belarusian defense ministry. The employment of drones and close coordination between tanks and motorized.

Rifle units and troops from other branches of the armed services are include, according to the statement.

Russia-Led Military Drills Near.

The Suwalki Gap, a 96 km (60 mi) long, thinly populated area of territory. Along the Polish-Lithuanian border, is close to the Grodno region of Belarus, where the war exercises were being.

It divides Belarus from Kaliningrad, a heavily fortified Russian outpost on the Baltic Sea with no land connections to Russia.

And connects the three Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia with the rest of the NATO alliance.

The Suwalki Gap has long been consider a potential flashpoint in any conflict between Russia and NATO by military strategists in the West.

Russia-Led Military Drills Near

They fear that Russia will try to exploit the opening and isolate. Poland and other NATO countries from the three Baltic states.

The exercises started as more Wagner fighters apparently came in the nation. The Belarusian military has claimed that it actively uses Russian mercenaries to train its troops.

According to Belaruski Hajun, an activist group that monitors troop movements in Belarus, mercenaries arrive in tiny numbers every day.

Over 7,000 Wagner fighters are reportedly in a camp near Asipovichy. A town located 230 kilometers north of the Ukrainian border, according to Grey Zone. A Wagner-affiliated blog on the messaging app Telegram.

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