PIF-Backed Driller Set for Riyadh’s Biggest IPO This Year

PIF-Backed Driller Set for Riyadh’s Biggest IPO This Year

The largest initial public offering of the year in Saudi Arabia will take place when Aedes International Holding lists in Riyadh.

According to a statement released on Monday, public investment funds ADES Investments Holding Ltd. and Zamil Group Investment Ltd.

Intend to sell shares in the IPO. According to, this offering has the potential to raise about $1 billion.

A capital increase will result in the issuance of 237.1 million additional shares, bringing the total number of shares in the IPO to 338.7 million, or 30% of the ownership of the company.

It also stated that the final offer price would be revealed on September 18 and that the book-building process would last from September 10 to September 14.

Riyadh’s Biggest IPO This Year

The PIF, in conjunction with significant Aedes shareholders, plans to take the company private in 2021, giving the company a $516 million valuation.

Since then, Aedes has expanded through acquisitions, offering drilling and production services for oil and gas in the Middle East and North Africa.

Saudi Arabia, usually one of the biggest and busiest listing markets in the Persian Gulf, has had a somewhat quiet start to the year.

Less than $900 million, or 82% less than last year, has been raised through listings in the state this year, according to data gathered.

With results and relatively constant oil prices spurred optimism, the outlook for equities has improved, with the benchmark Tadawul index up 14% since March lows.

The data shows that the adjacent UAE has seen listings totaling nearly $4 billion.

The financial advisors and international coordinators for the IPO are EFG Hermes. Goldman Sachs Group Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., and SNB Capital.

A modern drilling business, supported by the Public Investment Fund (PIF). Is preparing for what is expected to be Riyadh’s largest Initial Public Offering (IPO) of the year.

Which is a significant development in the Saudi Arabian financial scene. This action not only demonstrates the Kingdom’s dedication to economic diversification.

Riyadh’s Biggest IPO This Year

But it also demonstrates its strategic efforts to make the most of its abundant energy resources for long-term development.

In this article, we examine the ramifications of this upcoming IPO and their potential effects. On the financial markets and the economic development of Saudi Arabia.

The Riyadh IPO Market Situation

Aiming to create a more varied and creative economic environment. Saudi Arabia has been assiduously working to modernize its economy by reducing its reliance on oil exports.

At the epicenter of this shift, the Riyadh Stock Exchange (Tadawul) has seen a spike in IPO activity. The country promotes businesses to go public, raising money for expansion and promoting economic growth.

Support from and Strategic Alignment with PIF

Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, the Public Investment Fund. Has established itself as a vital player in promoting economic innovation and diversification.

Supporting a cutting-edge drilling company’s initial public offering (IPO). Demonstrates PIF’s dedication to advancing technology in the energy sector as well as non-oil sectors.

In addition to luring domestic investors, this strategic alignment promotes Saudi Arabia as a desirable location for international capital flows.

Biggest IPO in Riyadh in 2023

With the help of the PIF, the drilling company’s IPO is anticipated. To be Riyadh’s most significant offering of the year

Investors both domestically and abroad are anticipated Riyadh’s Biggest IPO This Year to show a strong level of interest. The company given its growth prospects and support from a renowned sovereign wealth fund.

The success of this IPO could serve as a model for other businesses considering going public. Enhancing the stock market and reviving the economy of the nation.

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