Phony Tim Cook Account And Senior Apple VPs’ Accounts Wiped Out By Instagram

Accounts Wiped Out By Instagram

Instagram has successfully taken down a bogus account belonging to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. Several Apple VPs, including Alan Dye and Lisa Jackson (Apple VP for Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives), followed this account, according to 9to5Mac (Human Interface Design).

The fictitious user went by the name .Despite the attention it generated, it’s important to note that since 2013, Cook has exclusively used Twitter (now called X).

Apple maintains official social media accounts across a variety of channels. Significantly, some prominent Apple executives use social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Yet, Cook continues to be present and active on X.

Even some images were uploaded by the phoney Tim Cook account. For World Photography Day on August 20, the inaugural post was published. Those were two iPhone-taken pictures.

On August 23, a second post with a 30-second advertisement for the campaign in collaboration with 3DPets appeared. Those posts were taken directly from Cook’s official X page. Both publications extol the camera and LiDAR capabilities of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Cook is not inactive on X, but he has voiced concerns about the interface. In a 2021 exchange with CNBC, Cook said that “mindless scrolling” has an impact on mental health. Said he, “Your mental health will likely suffer, in my opinion. I believe it’s detrimental to those nearby.”

Cook has also made a point of criticizing Meta’s (formerly Facebook) privacy policies. For instance, in 2021, Apple released iOS 14.5 with an anti-tracking feature. Meta criticized the function since it would reduce ad revenue. It’s interesting to note that Cook doesn’t use Threads, a brand-new Twitter competitor to Meta.

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In additional Apple-related news, the corporation may introduce four new iPhone models on September 12 under the iPhone 15 family. New chipsets and enhanced cameras could be included in the upcoming iPhones.

Additionally, the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus feature a new notch design that is comparable to the dynamic notch first seen on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. The latter takes up less screen real estate and can change size in response to notifications.

In the midst of all the Twitter controversies, Apple Fellow Phil Schiller joined Instagram and Threads this month (now X).

Although other Apple executives are also active on Instagram, Tim Cook was noticeably absent. Yet it appears that the CEO of Apple has now also signed up for the Meta-owned social network. or so we believed.

There is a new Instagram account for Tim Cook.
Tim Cook has been a member of Twitter since 2013, but he has only ever used Weibo, a well-known Chinese microblogging site. Also, other users were speculating as to whether Cook will switch to another site like Mastodon or Threads given everything that has been going on with Twitter since it was purchased by Elon Musk.

Accounts Wiped Out By Instagram

In July 2023, a profile with the username was made. Two iPhone photographs from the initial post on August 20 commemorated World Photography Day. The second post, which was made on August 23, is a 30-second advertisement for the campaign that was started last week in collaboration with 3DPets.

Tim Cook, unlike Phil Schiller, is not known for posting personal information on Twitter. So, it appears conceivable that this account could be his. However, it transpires that the account is a fraud.

It is false
When we published the initial story, 9to5Mac learned from sources with knowledge of the situation that Tim Cook did not create the account. Yet, some Apple vice presidents, like Lisa Jackson and Alan Dye, follow the account. Tim Cook’s phony Instagram account is being followed by several other Apple employees as well.

Apple VPs are following a phony Tim Cook Instagram account.
Even though it appears like Apple is attempting to delete the account, it is still unclear why these executives are actually following a false Tim Cook account. It’s important to note that Apple has a dedicated Instagram account for sharing images and videos captured on iPhones.

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Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is well-known in the industry, but his social life is largely confined to a few profiles. Because Cook has only had a profile on Twitter (formerly called X) since 2013, the news that Cook also has an Instagram account piqued interest. Several senior Apple officials, including Lisa Jackson, Alan Dye, and others, joined the millions who began to follow him.

The interesting thing is that these folks appear to be following a phoney Tim Cook Instagram account with the handle which was set up in July of this year, even though Cook isn’t even on the platform. Since then, the profile has shared two items: the first is a World Photography Day post with two iPhone photos of different phones, and the second is a 30-second advertisement for a campaign with 3DPets that Apple formally unveiled last week.

We don’t know why these senior Apple employees have been following a bogus account because. According to claims from 9to5Mac, Cook has never registered for an Instagram account. Apple is trying to get rid of the bogus Tim Cook account on Instagram. But that doesn’t explain why some of the senior employees of the firm are following. This account unless they have insider knowledge that others don’t.

Accounts Wiped Out By Instagram

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In any case, those rumors have been dispelled today that Instagram has officially deleted the bogus Tim Cook account. Hopefully, this will encourage people to exercise caution when following famous accounts and not fall for the false ones. If well-known figures like Cook do sign up for the service, Instagram is probably going to give them a verified (blue tick) symbol on. The account right away to prevent impersonation and the existence of false profiles.

Ads In any case, Cook has to be more active on social media. And open official accounts on more of these sites so he can interact with his followers and customers.

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