Pakistan Caretaker Government Sees Elections Within Four Months

Pakistan Caretaker Government Sees Elections Within Four Months

While it faces increasing pressure from demonstrations over growing living costs, Pakistan’s leadership anticipates holding federal and provincial elections within four months.

Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, the caretaker prime minister, informed Dawn News English that the general election would take place within this time limit without the interim administration being prolonged.

The electoral commission requested more time to redraft constituencies due to the population increase over the previous six years, delaying the polls, which were initially scheduled for November.

When asked about his plan if a future event required an extension of the caretaker setup in an interview with a private television channel.

The prime minister responded that they would go through the electoral process. Within three to four months in accordance with the legal arrangement.

Pakistan Caretaker Government Sees Elections Within Four Months

He said, “I think this will come to an end, and we will go on to the electoral process within few months… Few months can be converted into three. Three-and-a-half, or four that needs to be observed.

He said, “I am not (just) hopeful; (rather) I am certain,” when asked again. If he anticipated the general elections to be within four months.

Because of the short amount of time available, his government Pakistan Caretaker Government Sees Elections Within Four Months was considering giving some policy problems priority. In order to at least lay the groundwork for future administrations to act on them.

In response to a query, the premier clarified that even after the term had ended. The president may still hold office until the election of his successor. In the event that he willingly leaves the position, the Senate chairman would fill it.

Regarding the problem of excessive electricity costs, PM Kakar stated that the government was developing short- and medium-term remedies. One of which was the suggestion to convert oil-based power facilities to run on local coal.
In addition, the process for privatising one or two power distribution companies will soon be complete. Which will help deter power theft by introducing new technologies and will attract investment.

Together with Discos, he said that some significant state-owned businesses.

Were also in the process of being privatise. Addressing the increase in sugar prices, the premier insisted that the federal.

Government had requested the provinces establish price control Pakistan Caretaker Government Sees Elections Within Four Months committees and promised to crack down on hoarders.

According to the prime minister, the previous administration empowered. The caretaker setup through legislation, which required them to behave differently from the typical caretaker setup.

The Special Investment Facilitation Council was establish as a forum to address. The issues preventing investment projects, the prime minister explained to the interviewer.

He said that Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates.

Qatar, and Bahrain had submitted offers, and that when due diligence was complete. Formal agreements would be sign by November or December.

He claimed that the level of dedication demonstrated by civil and military officials. Along with bureaucratic zeal, will aid in luring investment, as in the past, uncertainty was cause by the NAB’s investigations.

In response to a query, the prime minister noted that the Pakistan Caretaker Government Sees Elections Within Four Months military and the administration both had extremely cozy workplaces.

He claimed that in addition to the army chief, he and the finance minister had a thorough discussion. With businesspeople in Karachi and had plans to do the same in Lahore.

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