Orkney car breakdown assigned to RAC patrol 750 miles away

Orkney car breakdown assigned to RAC patrol 750 miles away

A driver from Orkney was perplexed when the RAC sent a patrol from Devon to repair her car 750 kilometers away in Stromness.

When Hayley Green’s electric car displayed a warning notice, she required assistance, but the mechanic who was assigned the job quickly called to confirm her postcode.

After that, Hayley got in touch with a nearby garage, and they found the car.

The RAC issued an apology and stated that it was looking into a potential issue with their online system.

Although it is unclear how those drivers reported their issues, Radio Orkney is aware of two instances involving.

Orkney car breakdown assigned

RAC members in a similar situation and another involving a member of a different national recovery organization.

When Hayley asked the mechanic where she was, he reportedly laughed.

Then, she continued, “he stated he could need a little longer than an hour to get to me.”

Yet despite how polite and friendly he was, we both realized that he wasn’t going to be my guy.

“My car can’t be fixed here, so it needs to be sent out to be fixed, but that’s an other issue.

She claimed, “The reality is that I was left in Stromness, waiting for a guy from Devon.

Upon reporting her error online.

Hayley claimed she was quite specific Orkney car breakdown assigned about her location and postcode.

She said, “I haven’t looked to see if there’s a KW-ish type post code in Devon, but I’d be very astonished if there were.

In a statement, a representative for the RAC said: “We’ve apologized to Hayley for the issue and delay she encountered.

Orkney car breakdown assigned to RAC patrol 750 miles away

“Unfortunately, the quality of the service she Orkney car breakdown assigned received fell short of our expectations.

“To determine what may have happened, we are reviewing online breakdown reports from Orkney.

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