OpenAI CEO Sam Altman First Person to Get Indonesian Golden Visa

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman First Person to Get Indonesian Golden Visa

In an effort to attract international investors, Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, has granted its first golden visa to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

Altman received a 10-year visa from the nation’s immigration department because, in the words of immigration director general Silmy Karim, he “has an international reputation and may offer benefits to Indonesia.”

Among other benefits, the co-founder of ChatGPT’s developer would get priority security screening at airports, longer stay times, and simpler entry and exit procedures.

According to officials, Indonesia has issued the first golden visa to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman in an effort to draw affluent international investors to South-east Asia’s largest economy.

First Person to Get Indonesian Golden Visa

Director-General of Immigration Silmy Karim announced in a statement. On Monday, Altman was given a 10-year visa because of his advance the of artificial intelligence (AI) in Indonesia.

When Golden Visa holders arrive in Indonesia. They are no longer need to file for a temporary stay visa at the immigration office. According to Altman, the co-founder of the ChatGPT bot phenomenon.

“We’re throwing open the doors in appreciation for the resources they give to Indonesia,”

Due to his international standing as the leader of the AI research and development organisation. The US-base tech entrepreneur was also given a special visa, the official claim.

According to the statement, the 38-year-old would be able to skip immigration lines. At Indonesian airports and travel in and out of the nation more quickly with the golden visa.

Indonesia has introduced golden visas for investors.

Granting them a five-year stay after spending $2.5 million there and a ten-year stay after investing twice that much.

As the AI business grows globally, the nation wants to create a community and ecosystem there, according to officials.

Despite the fact that Altman has not yet made his investment plans in Indonesia public. It is clear from his recent trip to Jakarta to deliver.

A speech on the future of AI that he is very interest in the country’s technological landscape, according to Mint.

First Person to Get Indonesian Golden Visa

The visa could pave the way for collaborations that enhance Indonesia’s standing in the artificial intelligence and technology sectors.

Under Altman’s leadership, OpenAI has drawn attention on a global scale through promoting investments in AI infrastructure.

One of the tools that the company developed, ChatGPT. Changed the way artificial intelligence is use by simulating human intellect using massive data centres.

As a result, substantial investments have been all over the world to create and enhance infrastructure that support AI.

In order to attract international investment, Indonesia, the largest economy in South-east Asia. Has granted its first golden visa to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

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