Nvidia’s Name Recognition Hasn’t Caught Up With $1.2 Trillion Valuation

Nvidia’s Name Recognition Hasn’t Caught Up With $1.2 Trillion Valuation

The biggest tech brand in the world that no one can pronounce is Nvidia. Yet first…

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Nvidia’s Name Recognition

How do you say “Nvidia”? You’re not the only one who continues to pronounce nuh-vidia (wrong). And that is the core of a peculiar phenomenon: Nvidia Corp.

Has grown enormously in size, surpassing Intel Corp. in revenue, Nvidia’s Name recognition, and valuation, but the company’s brand recognition hasn’t kept up.

Nvidia wasn’t even included in Interbrand’s most recent Nvidia’s Name Recognition ranking of the Top 100 global brands. Sure, you might counter, Nvidia doesn’t target consumers.

Nvidia’s Name Recognition Hasn’t Caught Up With $1.2 Trillion Valuation

It produces chips for computers, cars, and data centers. Why is it even necessary for the average person to know its name? A good question. But the business-oriented Hewlett Packard Enterprise was included.

Now, there is a segment of the population that has always Nvidia’s Name Recognition been familiar with the Nvidia name (even if they too mispronounced it): gamers.

Since the 1990s, the company’s graphics cards have been a prized component of gaming rigs. However, that isn’t what is driving Nvidia’s current ascent.

Nvidia’s chips power AI tools like Google Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Its sales are soaring along with the explosive expansion of those services. More generally, Nvidia is ushering in a new era of accelerated computing.

Which it believes will lead to up to a trillion dollars in tech spending. This approach divides tasks and handles them in parallel.

You’d think being in the vanguard of that movement would earn you some respect, and Wall Street is full of Nvidia fans (the last analyst with a sell rating on the stock threw in the towel this week). However, Apple, Microsoft, or Tesla aren’t in the same league as Nvidia’s brand.

Since I’ve been writing about the company for 20 years, I no longer bother to correct people when they pronounce the name incorrectly.

Nvidia’s Name Recognition Hasn’t Caught Up With $1.2 Trillion Valuation

Everyone has their own version, including coworkers, contacts, Nvidia’s Name Recognition and even family members now. On a call with three other people just this week, I overheard at least that many different pronunciations.

The co-founder of Nvidia is no stranger to this issue. He gave up trying to get people to say his name, Jen-Hsun Huang, and decided to go by the nickname “Jensen,” which they had been using for years.

Compared to many of its competitors, the Nvidia name has more complicated origins. Simple enough, “quality communications” was the basis for Qualcomm’s creation.

Although Intel was a mashup of “integrated electronics,” it was simple to pronounce and remember.

Nvidia, on the other hand, is a combination of the Latin words “invidia,” which means to look upon someone with envy, and “NV,” which stands for “next version.” The “vid” also appears to make reference to Nvidia’s beginnings with graphics cards.

According to Dipanjan Chatterjee, principal analyst at Forrester Research Inc. and branding expert, Intel’s brand is still more well-known than Nvidia’s.

On Interbrand’s list, it comes in at number 19, ahead of Chanel, YouTube, and Ikea. However, Nvidia is well known in the right circles, namely those of business-to-business clients.

Nvidia’s Name Recognition

Everyone understood what it meant to have “intelligence inside” in the 1990s, he claimed. “Playing in the same sandbox three decades later.

Nvidia has demonstrated that what matters is not that everyone knows you but that those who matter do,” So how should one pronounce Nvidia? En-VID-eeyah, as the company puts it.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, we’ll all be using that word a lot more in the years to come.

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