New iPhone, new charger: Apple bends to EU rules

New iPhone, new charger Apple bends to EU rules

When Apple’s newest iPhone is announced on September 12th, it will almost surely have a USB-C charging port.

Unlike competitors like Samsung, the company now uses its own Lightning adaptor on its phones.

To save consumers money and reduce waste, a European Union legislation mandates that phone makers adopt a standard charging connection by December 2024.

The majority of new Apple products, including the most recent iPads, already utilise USB-C, although the company had advocated against the EU regulation.

Apple bends to EU rules

“Strict legislation mandating just one type of connector stifles innovation rather than fostering it, which in turn would affect customers.

In Europe and around the world,” an Apple representative said when it was unveile in September 2021.

There are already Lightning to USB-C adapters available from other electronics retailers like Amazon. And since the 2017 release of the iPhone 8, wireless charging is enable on all iPhone models.

The Lightning cord, which costs £19 at the Apple store. May soon become obsolete as the current iPhone 14 appears to be the company’s final product to exclusively use it.

Although the tech giant is less likely to produce a new version of the handset for the European market only. It is unclear whether this will be a global alteration to the product.

The new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro smartphones.

Which are schedule to be presented next week at the company’s annual autumn event, are expect to feature the upgrades.

In accordance with a report by Bloomberg News, users will profit from the transition. By having better internet speeds and the ability to charge their iPads, Macs, and iPhones with a single charger.

The EU claims that the common-charger rule applies to a variety of “small and medium-sized portable electronics,” including:

  • tablets and smartphones
  • keyboards and mouse for e-readers
  • devices that use the GPS (global positioning system)
  • earbuds, headphones, and headsets
  • electronic cameras
  • portable videogame systems
  • portable sound systems.

No matter who makes the devices, any of these that are charged. A wired cable will need to have a USB Type-C port.

Although manufacturers have more time to make the improvements, laptops will also need to adhere by the requirements.

The EU claims that it will save trash by 11,000 tonnes annually and save customers “up to €250m [£213m] a year on unnecessary charger purchases.”

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