Looks Like the Website for Trump’s Patriot Legal Defense Fund Just Got Hacked

Looks Like the Website for Trump's Patriot Legal Defense Fund Just Got Hacked

The website for the legal defense fund of former president Donald Trump purportedly suffered hacking and defacement over the weekend. The Patriot Legal Defense Fund is raising money to cover the costs of defending Trump’s associates and employees in court.

FLORIDA’S Orlando, – FEBRUARY 26: On February 26, 2022, in Orlando, Florida, former U.S. President Donald Trump delivers a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at The Rosen Shingle Creek.

CPAC is an annual political gathering that has been attended by conservative activists and elected officials since 1974.

Website for Trump’s Patriot Legal Defense

HackinThe official website of Donald Trump’s legal defense fund appears to have been the target of hacking and defacement over the weekend. According to Gizmodo, the deface content is still accessible on the website and has not been fix.

The Patriot Legal Defense Fund, established by key Trump team members about a week ago, seeks to raise money to pay for the legal costs suffered by colleagues and staffers connected to the former president’s political initiatives.

Many continuing legal investigations involving Trump are currently plaguing many of his allies and employees, putting a heavy financial load on them due to court-related expenses.

Although the Patriot Fund has made it clear.

That it would not pay for Trump or his family’s legal expenses, subsequent events have brought to light possible ethical issues with the organization, necessitating additional inquiry.

But the extent of the damage goes far beyond these modifications. The webpage has been completely update with an article exploring ideas of personal integrity and honesty. Along with a lengthy diatribe criticizing Donald Trump.

Looks Like the Website for Trump's Patriot Legal Defense Fund Just Got Hacked

In particular, Forbes noted that the bottom-of-the-page contribution links had changed. From their original function to now support organizations including the National Association. The Advancement of Colored People, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Brennan Center for Justice, and Rock the Vote.

The website’s banner has changed, with Trump’s name struck out. The iconic MAGA slogan replaced by a spirited “HEY!” and the phrase “AMERICA IS ALREADY AWESOME!”

A headline below this exhorts readers.

To abstain from contributing to what the hacker refers to as the “fraudulent Patriot Legal Defense Fund” associated with Trump.

The fund was reportedly establish as a separate organization from Donald Trump’s Save America Leadership PAC in July.

Yet according to a story published by The Daily Beast on August 13. The “Give Now” button on the original website really redirected to Trump’s 2024 campaign page.

Looks Like the Website for Trump's Patriot Legal Defense Fund Just Got Hacked

The day after the news about the potential launch of the Patriot Legal Defense Fund. Surface, on July 31, the domain was register.

GoDaddy privacy controls obscure domain information, therefore it is difficult to find a legitimate press contact for the fund. It seems doubtful whether the fund is legitimate given the timing of the initial reports and the domain registration.

Website for Trump’s Patriot Legal Defense

Over the weekend, it appears that the website for former President Donald Trump’s legal defense fund was hack and damage. The defacement is still visible on the website as of this writing. This blog post was writes and has not remove.

High-ranking members of the Trump campaign team started. A fundraising initiative called The Patriot Legal Defense Fund approximately a week ago.

The fund’s claimed purpose is to assist in covering the legal costs of Trump’s supporters and staff members. Many of whom are currently entangle in the multiple, continuing legal investigations into the former President.

Although it is clear that the Patriot Fund will not be covering Trump or his family’s legal expenses. The Daily Beast recently raised some possible ethical concerns about the organization that are definitely worth investigating.

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