Japanese Startup Josys Raises $93 Million to Fuel Overseas Push

Japanese Startup Josys Raises $93 Million to Fuel Overseas Push

IT outsourcing firm Josys Inc. raised $93 million to expand in areas including the US, South Korea and Southeast Asia, the latest Japanese startup to hunt for growth outside an aging home economy.

The Tokyo-based company, which seeks to provide one-stop IT support for clients with remote and overseas employees.

Will use the Series B fundraising to help double headcount to 240 by year-end, Chief Executive Officer Yasukane Matsumoto said in an interview.

Josys wants to provide outsourcing services in more Japanese Startup Josys Raises $93 Million than 100 countries by the end of 2025, he said.

Josys, a company founded in Japan in 2021, is leading the charge in solving the challenges in IT operations brought on by COVID-19.

Japanese Startup Josys Raises $93 Million

Maintaining a “single source of truth” for IT operations has more difficult. As firms have embraced remote work and many SaaS alternatives.

Many firms have encountered costly shadow IT issues Japanese Startup Josys Raises $93 Million and growing cybersecurity vulnerabilities. As a result of the unmanaged and dispersed deployment of technology.

Additionally, as more remote workers are hire. IT teams are having trouble securing and delivering the necessary work devices on time.

They frequently lose track of these devices over the course of an employee’s tenure. This exposes companies to high replacement costs and potential security risks.

Josys provides an integrated SaaS and Device Management platform that enables businesses. To automate and optimize the management of their software applications and devices.

This gives a comprehensive solution to these problems.

Josys also provides IT outsourcing services for IT device lifecycle management. Which includes buying, configuring, delivering, fixing, and storing laptops and other mobile devices.

According to Yasukane Matsumoto, CEO of Josys, “organisations around the world are battling to modernise their operations and catch-up. With the technical and human upheavals that have revolution how and where work gets.”

“At Josys, our mission is ‘Better Systems, Better Japanese Startup Josys Raises $93 Million World,’ which inspires us to reimagine. The conventional IT operations playbook for the hybrid work era and to deliver a next-generation.

LifecycleOps platform to support businesses of all sizes in establishing effective and secure management procedures for their applications and devices.

Josys expanded its activities to the North American and Asian Pacific regions as of September 5, 2023. With this expansion, Josys will be able to start offering. Its SaaS platform and device management services to clients in these nations.

Additionally, it will be able to offer IT outsourcing services.

For device lifecycle management, which will be especially helpful for multinational corporations with employees working in these nations.

Josys can significantly cut the time required for IT onboarding for international staff from several weeks. To just a few days by providing local sourcing and device support.

By the end of 2025, Josys wants to offer its IT outsourcing services in more than 100 nations.

The Series B funding will also allow Josys to speed up manpower growth. Within its product and technical teams in addition to regional development.

The executive team intends to hire twice as Japanese Startup Josys Raises $93 Million many people in the upcoming months. Josys will also be increasing its routes to market.

With a special emphasis on developing its managed service provider (MSP) network for broader geographic coverage and quicker service delivery.

Josys is a global startup that was found in 2021. With the goal of “Redefining IT operations for new-age organizations, globally.”

With more than 100 personnel spread across the US, India, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam. Josys is committed to developing the operational systems necessary to enable the post-COVID evolution of international trade.

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