“It’s Better to Cry With Your Birkin”: Tiwa Savage Advises Ladies, Says She’s Not Telling Them to Do ‘Runs’

“It’s Better to Cry With Your Birkin”: Tiwa Savage Advises Ladies, Says She’s Not Telling Them to Do ‘Runs’

Tiwa Savage, a well-known Nigerian musician, is in the news once more after a video of her giving advice to women went viral. In the video, the musician can be heard advising women to date wealthy, energetic men. Tiwa added that she wasn’t encouraging women to pursue wealthy guys.

But that it would be preferable for them to sob while carrying Christian Dior and Birkin bags. Tiwa Savage, a gifted singer from Nigeria, has recently created a sensation on social media after giving advise to women at a recent performance.

Online users circulated a video of the musician urging women to choose partners who have the same level of enthusiasm and wealth.It is sweet.

Tiwa Savage’s opinion, when a lady has her own money.

She emphasized that the man had to have an equal amount of energy as she did, or they would probably still break her heart.The Grammy-winning musician also made it clear that she wasn’t encouraging women to make “runs” and pursue a man just for his wealth.

She added that it is preferable for a lady to sob on a VIP flight to Dubai while carrying her fancy bags.”I’m not advocating running, and I’m not saying that you should only pursue a man for his money; rather, I’m saying that it’s wonderful when you also spend your money because, as you can see.

I have my own money, period! All I’m trying to say is that you should match my intensity because they will still hurt you, so it’s better for you to cry in your Christian Dior and Birkin bags while flying in style to Dubai. We no longer visit Dubai, but we do so because we are financially independent.

It’s Better to Cry With Your Birkin

Tiwa Savage’s advice to women sparks controversy. The video of Tiwa Savage giving advice to her female followers quickly gained popularity on social media. Many internet users responded to it in different ways. While some of them criticized the artist, others claimed they found nothing wrong with her remarks.

When you invest money in a relationship, it is nice. Not just one gender can use it. She is merely stating that you must match the intensity.

She better concentrate on the garbage she sings because she’s a woman. Over 40 whose sex tape is all over the internet.

The music celebrity was heard recommending women choose wealthy, energetic men in the viral video.

She said this while she was singing.

It’s wonderful when you also spend your money, she remarked, adding that. She wasn’t advocating running after a man for his money. because, as you can see, I have my own money.

The singer did not realize how big of a deal it actually was until she realized the truth. Men who are poor and frugal won’t enjoy this. Women, a man will chop you off for free and move. On if you don’t need him to do anything right for you. Tell him if you want money and presents. A man who likes you will give to you; a man who is stingy will utilize you.

In a video that was spotted online, Tiwa said that the only person she communicate the news. The time was her mother, who, despite being instruct to keep it a secret, told her brother.

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