Isreal DMW recounts how his ex-girlfriend dumped him because of N150

Isreal DMW recounts how his ex-girlfriend dumped him because of N150

Isreal claims that the separation happened in 2001 because he was unable to satisfy his then-seemingly partner’s insignificant financial demands. According to reports, his ex-girlfriend broke up with him because he couldn’t give her more than N150, which by today’s standards seems like a small sum. His financial situation at the moment prevented him from granting her request.

Yet Israel’s fortunes have obviously changed since then, since he now finds himself in a significantly better financial position. His post gave the impression that he could now spend considerably more than he was able to in 2001.

Industry insiders were soon drawn to the discovery, including music executive Soso Soberekon. Soberekon weighed in on the situation, agreeing with Israel’s statement and even asserting that he had proof of it. He claimed that Israel’s ex-partner did break up with him for the pitiful sum of N150, or around 0.19 US cents.

Israel DMW is the logistics manager for Davido.

Recently recalled how his ex-girlfriend abruptly ended their relationship over N150. He published a picture of himself and his ex-girlfriend on his Instagram account, where he revealed that she broke up with him in 2001 because he couldn’t afford to give her N150.

Isreal DMW, the logistics manager for Afrobeat musician Davido, is officially wed as of today, October 22, when the ceremony concludes in Benin.

Sheila is a stunning woman who Israel acquired for himself, and videos of her wearing her white church wedding dress made Nigerians swoon.

Isreal DMW recounts how his ex-girlfriend dumped him because of N150

The makeup artist for the singer’s wife posted a video of the singer’s assistant caressing his wife affectionately while wearing a white suit and dark sunglasses.

One of Sheila’s friends also posted a video of Israel and his bride exchanging vows on her Instagram story channel.

Israel DMW made his engagement to his girlfriend public on April 4 in Benin.

When they had their introduction on June 4, the couple completed the next step on their journey to “forever.”

The celebration was discreetly at Isreal DMW’s fiancée’s family home in Benin City.

Isreal shared a picture of himself and his ex-girlfriend, saying that she broke up with him in 2001 because he couldn’t afford to give her N150.

His situation has changed, and he can now afford more.

Isreal DMW recounts how his ex-girlfriend dumped him because of N150

Because I couldn’t give her the 150 naira she demanded in 2001, she dumped me.

In response, music executive Soso Soberekon criticized the young man for abandoning Israel.

He agreed that the sum was the reason the woman dumpe Israel and added that he had proof.

“She dumped my boyfriend over 150,” (0.19 cent). Proof in every corner.

Israeli DMW marries.

Since then, Israel has moved on and is today a happily marriage country.

Between October 20 and 22, 2022, in Benin City, where the pair is from, the logistics manager got married.

Davido, his wife Chioma, the DMW crew, the Cubana Chief Priest. Soso Soberekon were all present during their white wedding.

When I first met you at age 21, I was happiest guy alive. In honor of his wife’s birthday, Israeli DMW

Isreal DMW praised his wife for holding onto her virginity until marriage. While celebrating his wife’s birthday a few weeks ago.

Isreal DMW recounts how his ex-girlfriend

The happiest man, according to Israel, met his wife at age 21 while still a virgin.

He mentioned how being a virgin in Nigeria and Benin. Where Isreal DMW and friend both originate from, has grown increasingly rare and uncommon.

Isreal DMW talks about his humiliating encounter with Dele Momodu after being accuse of stealing

Without a doubt, Israel has made progress. He described an uncomfortable encounter he had with Ovation media chief Dele Momodu last year.

He described how, in 2007, media mogul Dele Momodu confront. Isreal DMW recounts how his ex-girlfriend him and accused him of taking his phone.

Isreal claimed that when they first met at Aliko Dangote’s party. Dele believed that Isreal had stolen his phone and had stripped naked to thoroughly inspect him.

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