I’ll make $140K driving for UPS this year. We deserve this pay — it’s not an easy job.

We deserve this pay

This as-told-to exposition depends on a discussion with Graham Jones, a 47-year-old UPS semi-transporter from Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s been altered for length and lucidity.

I functioned as a UPS bundle conveyance driver for quite a long time, and I’ve been a feeder driver for a long time.

I make about $4,000 week after week driving the UPS semi-trucks in the feeder division, and that implies we convey bundles from significant conveyance centers to different stockrooms.

I’m paid a smidgen more since I’m on the main sleeper run at my Albuquerque UPS area. Our pay is high for a common position on the grounds that our additional time will be significantly more, following eight hours, and our movements are long.

I’ve seen the posts about UPS laborers acquiring $170,000 a year, and it’s marginally deceptive. That figure incorporates our annuity, medical care, and different advantages.

Following four years, UPS feeder drivers make a typical compensation of $140,000
UPS feeder drivers make more than bundle conveyance drivers, who procure about $95,000 a year after they’ve been doing it for around four years.

We deserve this pay

We procure more than drivers who convey bundles since we work more hours—around 55 to 60 hours per week. The typical bundle conveyance shift is eight to 10 hours. Additionally, UPS pays about $1 per mile for certain courses.

I drive with my driving partner for five days at a time, 11 to 12 hours per day, on a route that pays per mile rather than per hour. Just the time I spend looking out for trailers and doing different things like energizing up or washing the windshield occasionally is paid continuously.

On my course, I’m matched with another driver, and we leave on Sunday mornings. We drive from Albuquerque to Louisville, Kentucky; Chicago; Los Angeles; Dallas; and back.

In the back of the truck, there are bunk beds. While one person is driving his 11-hour shift, different people rest toward the back—II do days, and my pal does evenings.

I presumably will not rehash this run since it’s surprisingly hard

Driving gets tiring and exhausting. It’s a great deal of espresso and caffeinated drinks, yet it’s not really awful. I keep myself occupied with webcasts, satellite radio, and music. Many folks chat on the telephone with different drivers all through the movement.

At the point when I get once again into town, I just have two days to get tasks and all the house and yard work done. On my first day back, I didn’t even get to sleep in because I had to go to the gym. That is a major penance since I can go several days every week.

It’s hard to sleep on a truck four nights a week, but the money made me want to try it. In the wake of beginning this course in April, I concluded I’d prefer to make $40,000 or $50,000 less a year and be home more. One year from now, I’ll pick a course that permits me to do that.

More bundle conveyance drivers ought to become feeder drivers
Bundle conveyance is extreme; you’re in the intensity, snow, downpour, and wind. It’s truly unforgiving for your body. Throughout the day, you enter and exit the truck via two or three steps into that package truck; many folks can wreck their knees and hips.

We deserve this pay

It’s additionally unpleasant on your back. A long time ago, you were unable to purchase a love seat on Amazon, yet nowadays individuals are purchasing colossal shelves and couches, and they live in third-floor condos. It’s just you and a cart, and you must get it up there some way or another.

UPS paid for my business driver’s permit preparation. I fail to really see the reason why more bundle conveyance drivers don’t graduate to feeders.

I’m cheerful that I turned into a feeder driver, however, there are certain things I miss about conveying bundles
In the first place, you have more human collaborations with clients as a bundle conveyance driver; second, it’s more physical, so the days go by quicker; what’s more, third, the feeling of achievement toward the end of every day appears to be more noteworthy.

Yet, that genuineness makes the gamble of wounds higher, and it appears to be excessively overwhelming to consider doing hard actual work in my later years.


UPS feeder drivers are generously compensated, yet I wouldn’t call us overpaid; a great many people would rather not work 60 hours every week, yet I’m so thankful for my work.

We’ve all heard the expression,

“A dollar saved is better than a dollar earned.” The capacity to save more than you procure is a crucial rule whereupon FIRE is fabricated.

Undoubtedly, the main step in arriving at FIRE is determining how much of your check you can keep and contribute.

You cannot break bad money habits by earning or investing. It will ultimately find you, regardless of how much cash you make. Assuming you spend more than you procure, you will be penniless. It’s straightforward arithmetic!

It’s somewhat like attempting to outpace a terrible eating regimen and anticipate what brings about the rec center. In fact, there are so many uncanny parallels between maintaining healthy financial habits and staying fit and healthy. Most well-being/wellness specialists would concur that your eating routine presumably plays the greatest part in keeping your body blissful. The other two key parts would undoubtedly be exercise and rest. In the event that you’re nailing each of those three, there’s a very decent possibility your body is feeling magnificent.

For FIRE, saving money is equivalent to making healthy food choices.

We deserve this pay

Furthermore, if we extend this analogy further, we might arrive at the conclusion that, in terms of health and fitness, earning money in FIRE is at least as important as exercising. Furthermore, perhaps we can put getting a decent evening’s rest at the level of effective financial planning.

Although it’s not a perfect one-to-one comparison, it works well as a metaphor, so let’s keep using it.

90% of FIRE content, I’d wager, is about investing or saving money. However, despite the fact that it has enormous advantages when implemented correctly, we rarely read about how to earn more money. The facts confirm that FIRE is pay-free; two individuals with a reserve fund pace of 65% will both arrive at FIRE in something like 10 years regardless of whether one procures $60K and the other $400K.

Be that as it may, there is a purpose to unavoidable losses for both setting aside cash and money management.

This article aims to demonstrate the advantages of investing more time and effort into increasing the amount of money that enters your accounts. Any individual who is on this path is now doing some type of activity (bringing in cash), yet in the event that you can look past your standard crunches and pushups, you’ll find there are exercise centers out there loaded up with peculiar and superb machines that give a wide range of exercises. And the gains can be out of this world when you combine a well-balanced diet with a training plan that works for you.

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