“I Might Get Married Next Year” Sandara Park’s Surprise Announcement Sparks Heated Debate

“I Might Get Married Next Year” Sandara Park’s Surprise Announcement Sparks Heated Debate

Sandara Park’s Surprise Announcement Sparks

Amazingly, Sandara Park’s most recent opinion on marriage has aroused discussion. While some netizens condemned her for changing her position, a much larger number backed the idol and labeled any criticism completely absurd.

  • Women who are adamantly oppose to marriage “wouldn’t change their positions as they would when choosing what to eat, and they wouldn’t disclose their position to others.”
  • “Those who are oppose to marriage should keep their views to themselves… I can see why people are since individuals who oppose marriage are frequently thought of as people who may change their beliefs if they found the perfect person. I don’t tell anyone that I’m against dating and marriage.
  • Why are we squabbling? She ought to be able to alter her decision.
  • “I’m not going to get marrie either, but I don’t let people know that because nobody can foretell the future.”
  • “Why are people so angry? If she meets someone amazing, she should be entitle to change her mind. I came in to give her my congratulations.
  • Shouldn’t we celebrate her if she changed her mind because it indicates that she met a wonderful person?
  • “Ugh… Why shouldn’t she alter her opinion?
  • “You guys are acting so foolish. I’ll bet that both of you will have second thoughts. Who cares?
  • Why is it bad if she changes her mind? Was there some sort of blood she made?
  • Is it significant? Is it necessary to register your opposition to marriage with the municipal hall?

Sandara Park’s Surprise Announcement Sparks.


Get ready for a brand-new, amazing collaboration between BOL4 and Hwang Minhyun!

The track listing for BOL4’s upcoming mini album, “Love.zip” (literal translation). Which is schedule to be publish later this month, was made public on April 6.Sandara Park’s Surprise Sparks

On the upcoming mini album, Ahn Ji Young of BOL4 will write three title tracks and a total of five songs. “Chase Love Hard,” the first of her three title songs, features Hwang Minhyun.

Following the April 16 at 6 p.m. KST release of “Love.zip,” BOL4 will Sandara Park’s Surprise Announcement Sparks perform twice at Seoul’s Olympic Hall on April 29 and 30.

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