Hundreds of migrants killed by Saudi border guards – report

migrants killed by Saudi border guards

Line monitors in Saudi Arabia have routinely started shooting at African transients trying to cross into the realm from Yemen, killing everyone in a new 15-month time span, Common Liberties Watch said in a report delivered on Monday.

The watchmen have beaten the transients with rocks and bars, and constrained male travelers to assault ladies while monitors watched and shot confined transients in their appendages, prompting super-durable wounds and removals, the report said.

The shooting of transients is “far and wide and precise,” it said, adding that assuming that killing them was the Saudi government’s strategy, it would constitute an unspeakable atrocity.

A Saudi government explanation excused the report as wrong.

“The charges remembered for the Common Freedoms Watch report about Saudi boundary monitors shooting Ethiopians while they were crossing the Saudi-Yemeni line are unwarranted and not in view of solid sources,” the assertion said.

The research offers startling new information regarding the circumstances along one of the most hazardous smuggling routes in the world, a region of remote, war-torn land that is infrequently visited by journalists, humanitarian workers, or other international observers.

migrants killed by Saudi border guards

It focuses on the plight of Ethiopian migrants, who come from one of the world’s poorest nations, as they attempt to enter Saudi Arabia, the richest country in the Arab world and one of the world’s largest oil exporters, as well as the increasingly stern measures taken by the kingdom’s security forces to keep migrants out.

An Ethiopian immigrant named Faisal Othman told The New York Times that last September, while he and around 200 other people were attempting to cross the border, a rocket detonated nearby, shattering the ladies in the vicinity.

The majority of them now just remain,” Mr. Othman, 31, said on the phone on Sunday from Sana, the capital of Yemen. They had the texture of crushed tomatoes.

He claimed that people were compelled to travel because of poverty.

He replied, “They’re just impoverished folks trying to survive on their bare feet, yet they face rockets.

According to a well-known rights organization, Saudi Arabia has carried out a widespread and violent slaughter of African migrants and refugees at its southern borders with Yemen that may be considered crimes against humanity.

In a study made public on Monday, Human Rights Watch (HRW) provided evidence of “widespread and systematic” abuses carried out by Saudi border guards against predominantly Ethiopian refugees who were fleeing war, poverty, and drought in their native countries.

According to the non-governmental organization

Based in New York, Saudi border guards killed hundreds. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people, were killed between March 2022 and June 2023, and the killings are still happening.

Witnesses claimed that when they attempted to cross, Saudi border guards targeted them with weapons, explosives, artillery, and mortar fire. Some witnessed scores of deaths right in front of them, while others suffered life-threatening. Wounds like amputations or witnessing the arrest of refugees.

Hamdiya, a 14-year-old who crossed the border in a group of 60 in February. But he was forced to return to the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, as a result of continuous attacks, stated. “I witnessed people die in a way I had never imagined.” “I saw 30 dead individuals right there.”

A male minor who was spoken to by HRW claimed that border guards killed many others. Before arresting their group of five males and two 15-year-old girls and ordering the men to rape the girls. One man was shot and died right there when he objected.

migrants killed by Saudi border guards

Indeed, I took part in the rape. I did that to survive,” the youngster stated. The girls were able to survive since they didn’t object. This also occurred where murders were committed.

The crimes committed by Saudi Arabia against migrants and asylum seekers in the past. And more recently described in this study have always been carried out with complete impunity.

In its research, it involved conducting hundreds of interviews with Ethiopians and analyzing videos, pictures, and satellite images. HRW stated that the killings would constitute a crime against humanity. If they were carried out as part of a Saudi official policy to kill migrants.

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