Hospital waiting list tops 7.5 million in England

Hospital waiting list tops 7.5 million in England

According to new data, 7.47 million patients were waiting to begin Hospital waiting list tops 7.5 million in England normal hospital treatment at the end of May, up from 7.42 million at the end of April. This represents a record high for NHS waiting lists in England.

416,000 kids are on the waiting list to begin treatment, up 9.7% in just one month, and 21,282 of them have been on it for more than a year.

The head of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Camilla Kingdon, referred to the situation as “unacceptable” and “unfathomable” because there are so Hospital waiting list tops 7.5 million in England many kids waiting.

In January, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promised that “lists will fall and people will get the care they need more quickly” as one of his top priorities for 2023.

Hospital administrators said on Thursday that they are not certain they will Hospital waiting list tops 7.5 million in England. Meet important NHS goals to shorten the waiting list in 2024 and 2025.

The data were released before of the NHS consultants’ strike, which is likely to halt the majority of planned care. And during a five-day junior doctors’ strike during which tens Hospital waiting list tops 7.5 million. In England of thousands of operations and appointments are anticipated to be canceled.


  • Health officials warn that the junior doctors’ strike would cost the NHS over £100 million as a new walkout begins.
  • Health officials warn that the junior doctors’ strike would cost the NHS over £100 million as a new walkout begins.
  • In the largest-ever baby fatalities investigation, the Hospital waiting list tops 7.5 million in England Nottingham maternity inquiry will look into 1,700 instances.
  • In the largest-ever baby fatalities investigation, the Nottingham maternity inquiry will look into 1,700 instances.

The British Medical Association warned members that non-emergency care.

Should not be book during strike days, and trusts should prepare for this in a letter to hospital administrators on Wednesday. “Almost no activity in a hospital can happen unless it is liste under. And overseen by a named consultant,” the letter continued. Non-consultant and non-medical workers should never be request to do elective tasks that are either outside of their Hospital waiting list tops 7.5 million. In England areas of expertise or not under the direction of a named consultant.

The Independent reported earlier this year that there were concerns. That young people were losing priority since the waiting list for children was expanding at a rate that was twice that of adults.

Dr. Kingdon commented on the most recent increase, saying. “As a pediatrician, I have personally witnessed the detrimental effects that prolonged waiting periods have on children and their families. No one wants to wait for therapy, yet a lot of treatments and interventions need. To be given to children within certain age or developme windows. As a college, we have continuously Hospital waiting list top 7.5 million in England cautioned parents that long wait times not only harm children’s physical. And mental growth but also negatively affect their academic and general well-being. The idea that 20,000 kids would have to wait more than a year for treatment is intolerable.

“We applaud the steady progress being made each month in reducing the adult backlog. But the children’s list is still growing at an unprecedented rate.”

385,022 patients, up from 371,111 in April, are still on the general waiting list and have been there for more than 52 weeks. By March 2025, the government promised to end the practice of having patients wait more than a year.

According to statistics, 30,600 cancer patients waited an average of 62 days or more for a diagnosis and treatment.

According to NHS England data, 58.7% of cancer patients who received their initial treatment in May following an urgent GP referral had to wait less than two months, a decrease from 61.0% in April. The desired percentage is 85%.

Michelle Mitchell, CEO of Cancer Research UK, stated that these Hospital waiting list tops 7.5 million in England numbers highlight overburdened NHS systems in addition to representing agonizing waits for already worried patients.

“In the meantime, ongoing strike activity continues to worry patients, and we urge all parties to cooperate to ensure that services are maintained for cancer patients.”

According to newly disclosed data from NHS England, waiting lists Hospital waiting list tops 7.5 million in England are at an all-time high. In England, there are more than 7.5 million patients on waiting lists. With over 3 million people waiting, the number of those waiting longer than 18 weeks is at an all-time high.

Hospital waiting list tops 7.5 million in England

Although there have been slight improvements, such as a slight decrease in the number of patients who have been waiting longer than 52 weeks for treatment from over 385,000 to over 383,000, these small victories have not helped Rishi Sunak, who promised in January that “lists will fall and people will get the care they need more quickly,” feel less under pressure.

I discussed the data, what it means for the NHS, and how it will effect the government with Andrew Gregory. The health editor of the Guardian, for today’s email. The headlines come first.

Five major events

According to the leaders of Greenpeace, Rishi Sunak’s administration will “go down in history”. The one that let the UK down when it came to the climate problem.

Government briefings against the charity have been refer to be “very horrible things” by the nonprofit.
Environment | With officials warning that the number is anticipat to climb. The death toll from the flames that have ravaged the Hawaiian island of Maui has risen to 53.

It’s anticipat that the devastating fires will surpass the state’s deadliest natural disaster since 1961.
Retail | After failing to reach a rescue agreement. The low-cost retailer Wilko brought in administrators, endangering more than 12,000 jobs.

There will likely be dozens of closures at the 400+ location family-own retailer of home and garden goods.

As tech companies fight back against work-from-home policies that proliferat during the pandemic, an email sent to employees this week reveale that Amazon employees are being tracke and penalize for not spending enough time in the company’s offices.
Space travel | On Thursday, Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity, a reusable rocket-powered spacecraft that was carrying the company’s first crew of tourists to space, launched and landed successfully. The aircraft was carrying three private passengers, including former Olympian Jon Goodwin, age 80.
To the point: The fact that there isn’t a quick remedy in sight is the most concerning.

Rishi Sunak during a trip to London’s St. George’s Hospital

Even while Rishi Sunak might try to blame the developing health Hospital waiting list tops 7.5 million in England service problem on his party by directing outrage at yesterday’s results toward junior physicians and nurses who are on strike. According to The Health Foundation, for example, the government is to blame for “the roots” of this issue. Which are found in “political failures to address mounts demands over the last ten years.” The government, according to the Liberal Democrats, “failed horribly” and “left millions in anguish. Discomfort.”Hospital waiting list tops 7.5 million in England

Additional strikes will only make the situation worse; today marks the start of the fifth round of junior doctor pickets. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the NHS waiting list has grown by 3 million and is still growing. The most recent data point to the government’s future, as healthcare is expect to be one of the key issues in the upcoming general election.

The figures

The waiting list is presently at its highest level since 2007 [when records began], according to Andrew. “In plain English, the waiting list is rising because people are entering it at a quicker rate than people are leaving it,” he explainsThe prime minister did receive some solace: in major A&Es, 61% of patients were seen within the required four hours in July, which is an improvement above the 50% record low reported in December, but it is still far below the government’s 95% target. The number of suspected cancer patients who have been waiting more than 62 days since an urgent GP referral has decreased slightly from 24,180 in June to 21,529 in July; in September of last year, that number was 34,000. Ambulance response times have also improved a little bit.

Positive news, according to Andrew, is that the NHS is making progress in the fight against cancer. Also, he mentions the push to improve early disease diagnosis: “the difficulty is patients will likely then face a delay for treatment.” The victories, however, are dwarf by the obscene size of the backlog. And the modes gains made to date are all far short of the goals the govt set for itself.

The waiting list statistics, according to Andrew, are “shocking but not surprising,” and many people in the healthcare industry anticipate them to worsen before they improve.

Patient effects

If it keeps going on like this, you don’t want to get sick, Andrew warns. Patients’ conditions frequently deteriorate as they wait longer to receive treatment. During the delays, patients might also experience other health problems. This means that those who must wait experience greater discomfort or pain for a longer period of time, and when they do finally arrive for their appointment. They are frequently in a worse condition than when they first signed up for the waiting list and require a more involved procedure.

“When this occurs, the chances of something going wrong increase, so more staff may be need for the procedures. The waiting list could also be further delay if it takes longer, adds Andrew. “One thing that recently occurred to me is that this is an emerging threat, not just a statistic that we can look at and then ignore until the following month.”


The idea that the strikes have made the issue of lengthy waiting lists worse is not government spin. The deputy chief executive of NHS Providers, Saffron Cordery, stated that “the strikes divert trusts’ resources from bearing down on backlogs to managing the disruption they cause.” NHS England report that “to date, approximately 778,000 hospital appointments across the NHS have been reschedul due to strike action.” But it’s important to remember that before the first strike in this wave of action occurred last year, the waiting list was already at 7.2 million.

The government announced pay increases for millions of public sector employees earlier this month, including physicians. The British Medical Association (BMA) has, however, criticized the offer as pitiful.

Hospital waiting list tops 7.5 million in England

The chair of the BMA consultants committee, Dr. Vishal Sharma, stated last month that the real take-home pay for doctors had decreased by 35% since 2008. Which is “a staggering figure” and effectively means that we work for free for four months of the year.

There is no doubt that healthcare will be at the top of the political agenda in the lead-up to the next general election. After Rosena Allin-Khan, Labour’s shadow minister for mental health. Responded to the statistics by saying that Rishi Sunak “has no plan to turn this around, he only offers excuses.” Sunak has at least another year to try to accomplish his goal of reducing waiting lists. And Andrew believes that by the time the election rolls around. There will be fewer people on the list than when Sunak first made his commitment.

The key question, according to Andrew, is whether or not that will win over enough supporters to advance him politically. The fact that there isn’t an immediate fix in sight is what is most concerning for patients and the NHS.

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