Fukushima Release Is Provocation, South Korea Opposition Says

Fukushima Release Is Provocation, South Korea Opposition Says

Even though his challenger President Yoon Suk Yeol backed Japan’s release of treated water from the destroyed.

Fukushima nuclear facility, the head of South Korea’s largest opposition party said it was an insult to mankind.

Democratic Party chief Lee Jae-myung urged Tokyo to prohibit such releases. In an interview with Bloomberg News on Thursday.

He stated, “The issue of discharging filthy water is a provocation to all of us, the inhabitants of the Planet”.

Fukushima Release Is Provocation

Yoon, a conservative who beat Lee to become the country’s president, supported Japan’s plan to release over a million tons of radioactive water into the sea.

Sparking political bickering. Even though it has been determined that the plan complies with international safety requirements.

Fukushima Release Is Provocation, South Korea Opposition Says

China and South Korea still have worries. Most South Koreans, according to surveys, are against the initiative, and on Thursday, China prohibited all imports of Japanese seafood.

From his office, Lee stated, “It is challenging to agree with the assertion that it is scientifically safe. Why don’t they use it in their own country if it’s safe?

He continued by saying that Yoon’s administration.

Hasn’t done enough to allay public anxieties. According to Lee, he is particularly interest in initiatives that can enhance livelihoods and reduce economic disparity.

He supported universal basic income as well. The freebies, according to critics, are a populist decision that can increase the national debt.

On the universal basic income, Lee stated, “I believe the sooner we introduce it, the less unpleasant life will be for our citizens,”.

Adding that implementing it at a starting rate of one million won (US$760 or RM3,503) per person year is “absolutely achievable.”


“Our relationship has gotten so antagonistic in several areas that it is seriously damaging our economy.”

“We need to make an effort to further distinguish between the economic and military-security challenges.”

Budget supplement: “We’ve gone to the extreme of passing the responsibility for running the economy on households.

Despite the fact that the relationship between national debt and household debt is really inversely proportional.”

Fukushima Release Is Provocation

North Korea: “Even if we are always at odds with one another and engaged in conflict, we must continue to work for peace.

In any case, given our geopolitical location, it is crucial for us to have a strong defense. Security system, as well as cooperation from our surrounding nations.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula is directly tie to the situation elsewhere on the globe.

The consequences of the Fukushima nuclear disaster have been the focus.

Fukushima Release Is Provocation, South Korea Opposition Says

Debate and concern on a worldwide scale for many years.

Recently, tensions grew as South Korea vehemently opposed the decision to release treated radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. 

This action has been strongly as a provocation by the South Korean opposition, which has increased the already existing. 

Tension between the two countries and reopened discussions on nuclear security and international cooperation.

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