France’s Africa Allies are Dropping Like Flies

France’s Africa Allies are Dropping Like Flies

Another coup in Francophone Africa occurs every month.

This time it was Gabon’s President Ali Bongo who was jailed in the same presidential house that Emmanuel Macron had visited six months prior.

Niger had been the previous country in July. In the previous three years, there had been eight military coups in former French colonies.

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France’s Africa Allies are Dropping Like Flies

The first French president born after the continent’s wave of independence, Macron likes to remind his African audiences, and he began office hoping to mend fences with former colonial powers in Africa.

The guys that France supports are disappearing like flies, whether they were democratically elected or had been in power for a long time. Change has come, France’s Africa Allies are Dropping Like Flies but not on his terms.

Rising anti-French sentiment, which Moscow has joyfully exploited, as well as irritation with the corruption and neglect of longtime allies of Paris. Notwithstanding their democratic faults, have contributed to the wave of coups.

Days after the inexplicable death of the Russian president’s renegade ex-protege in a plane crash. Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner mercenary company.

Is quickly transferring control of his vast operations in Africa and the Middle East to Vladimir Putin. According to reports.

Wagner’s whole clandestine abroad network.

Will soon come under the effective military command of Russia. Putting an end to the plan that allowed Putin to deny Moscow’s involvement.

Weeks after Putin told Warsaw he’d take any “aggression” toward Minsk as an attack on his country. Russian-led forces are conducting joint military drills.

Belarus close to the border with NATO member France’s Africa Allies are Dropping Like Flies Poland. Today in Moscow, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu will discuss renewing the Black Sea grain trade with Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan.

Officials in Washington, Rome, Tokyo, and other capitals claim that deep-seated structural issues with China’s economy would ultimately strengthen.

The West’s position in opposition to a collapsing geopolitical rival. Although it originally appeared that China will eventually surpass an ailing America as the world’s top economic power. The current consensus is that the economic story is shifting quickly.

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