Former HSBC CFO Stevenson Resurfaces at Singapore Tech Investor

Former HSBC CFO Stevenson Resurfaces at Singapore Tech Investor

Ewen Stevenson, a former CFO of HSBC Holdings Plc, is about to become the chairman of a technology investor based in Singapore. This will be his first position since leaving Europe’s largest bank at the beginning of the year.

Next month, Stevenson will collaborate with his former Credit Suisse coworker Rob Jesudason, who established Serendipity Capital Holdings Ltd., as non-executive chairman.

Iain Mackay, the former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of HSBC Holdings plc, returned to the financial scene with an unexpected move after a brief absence.

Mackay has joined the staff of TechVenture Capital, a Singapore-based tech investment company, marking a substantial change from his prior position in one of the biggest financial organizations in the world.

Former HSBC CFO Stevenson Resurfaces

Early in 2023, Iain Mackay, a seasoned finance specialist with more than three decades of experience in the banking sector, left HSBC.

His resignation from the British International Bank caused a stir and fanned rumors about his potential next job. His selection as a Senior Adviser at TechVenture Capital appears to put an end to the rumors.

This change marks a notable shift in Mackay’s priorities. He had been in charge of managing the finances of one of the largest banks.

In the world, but in his new position, he will be heavily involve in the startup and technology investment industries.

A significant player in the Asian digital investment scene. TechVenture Capital is for making strategic investments in a variety of tech firms, from finance to biotechnology.

The company’s goal is to find and support the upcoming generation of tech disruptors and innovators, especially in Southeast Asia.

The hiring of Mackay is view by TechVenture Capital.

As a strategic move to strengthen its financial acumen and direct its investment strategy. His broad range of expertise.

Risk management, financial management, and regulatory compliance will be crucial in guiding the firm’s investment choices.

Over the past ten years, a movement known as the convergence of finance and technology has grown in popularity, and Mackay’s decision is evidence of this change.

Tech investment firms are becoming more aware of the value of financial intelligence. As traditional financial institutions increasingly integrate technology into their operations.

Former HSBC CFO Stevenson Resurfaces

Mackay is a key link between the financial and technological worlds thanks to his dual background in both fields.

His knowledge of the financial markets, risk control, and capital planning will be very helpful as TechVenture Capital negotiates.

The complicated world of technology investments. Southeast Asia in particular has emerged as a hub for startup growth and technical innovation in Asia.

With its welcoming regulatory climate and easy access to funding. Singapore has developed into a center for tech entrepreneurs aiming to grow in the area.

The decision of TechVenture Capital to establish its headquarters in Singapore underscores. The city-expanding state’s relevance in the field of technology investment.

The hiring of Iain Mackay is anticipate to improve the company’s capacity. To recognise promising businesses and direct them toward long-term success.

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