For Them is the LGBTQ+ label designing inclusive binders for all-day wear

For Them is the LGBTQ+ label designing inclusive binders for all-day wear

Actor-turned-entrepreneur Kylo Freeman joined Discord in 2021 to get advice from trans and queer people about their experiences using binders and the ideal layout. Freeman founded For Them, an LGBTQ+ community space that offers healthy, inclusive, and sustainable binders for anyone who wears them.

After going through hundreds of messages expressing concern that DIY binders made from first-aid kit. Bandages were unsafe and that more readily available options were “uncomfortable, painful, and itchy.”

“Gender euphoria and safety shouldn’t have to be mutually exclusive in the community… I built it because I felt [they] needed something better, says Freeman. It became obvious from my interviews with participants in the binder. Production process, the community was underserved on a general basis.

label designing inclusive binders for all-day wear

After incorporating the input into their designs. For Them now offers a 14-piece line of binders that are all produce from 100 percent recycled cloth and come. In a variety of sizes and compression levels. Solving such issues was the first step because compression tops. In the past frequently had rigidity, dug in odd places, rolled up, or didn’t go far enough down, says Freeman.

For Them is the LGBTQ+ label designing inclusive binders for all-day wear

“We wanted to develop a design that was compress and label inclusive binders for all-day. Wear produced the desired flat chest shape without impairing mobility or breathing. We overcame and patented this extremely technical pattern issue. Additionally, they emphasize that they “wanted the design and finishes to be hot so customers could proudly flaunt their binders if they wished.”

In light of this, For Them’s first-ever binder provides breathable compression.

Anti-itch, sweat-resistant fabric that won’t dig under your arms, and the freedom to wear all day—a significant improvement over the shorter safe-wearing times offered by binders made from bandages.

On the other hand, The Binder Max, For Them’s most recent product, was produced with more compression and higher necklines based on consumer feedback [the company runs on a “you ask, we listen” business approach, according to Freeman]. For optimal coverage, wear this one for four to six hours at a time.

For Them is the LGBTQ+ label designing inclusive binders for all-day wear

All patterns are reversible and offered in a variety of colors to suit the preferences of every customer.In addition to wanting to build superior binders, Freeman also wanted their designs to be accessible to everyone in the neighborhood.

Freeman admits, “Binding is for everyone and anyone who wants to wear a compression top. Many people mistakenly believe that binders are solely for pre-op transmasculine people, however, people of all identities appreciate wearing them for a variety of reasons.

Binders are worn by cis-gender individuals to replace uncomfortable bras or by post-operative transmasculine individuals to reduce swelling. In order to accommodate those who might have sensory sensitivities. For Them offers a size range from 22 to 68 inches around the widest area of the chest and employs soft fabric.

label designing inclusive binders for all-day wear

For Them also offers thorough instructions on how to measure your chest size, suggestions for safe binding. And discreet shipping for those using binders for the first time. One consumer commented on For Them’s binders on TikTok, “I have no binder endurance. But I recently found one that I can wear for eight hours.” “I have a lot of alternatives for weird outfits I can wear because of the incredibly broad neckline.”

For Them is the LGBTQ+ label designing inclusive binders for all-day wear

On another occasion, a user posted their OOTD on TikTok, wearing. The Binder as a crop top, high-waisted trousers, and many necklaces. As an asthmatic, they said, “I wear them for four to five hours extremely comfortably.”The Playground, a members-only platform that offers LGBTQ+ wellness tools like its gender-tracking app [which allows users to log their daily moods and label designing inclusive binders for all-day wear gender evolutions].

Access to For Them’s close friends Instagram stories, exclusive product drops and discounts. A place for users to find community IRL and via the brand’s discord and events. Has recently been launch by For Them, expanding its resources far beyond Binders.

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