FIFA Boss Should Read the Pitch on Women’s Pay

FIFA Boss Should Read the Pitch on Women’s Pay

It’s anticipated that more than 2 billion people watch the event. There were almost 2 million spectators at the games. the two records. More than $570 million was made during the FIFA Women’s World Cup to break even.

How much more persuasion is required to convince FIFA Boss Should Read President Gianni Infantino that women deserve equal pay? And maybe more significantly, how much more persuasion do women need to exert?

Infantino added that women “have the potential to convince us guys what we have to do and what we don’t have to do” to achieve wage equality in remarks made on Friday.

Two days before the championship match, which prompted immediate ire from players and criticism on social media. It was the tired, old message that women must continue to establish their worth.

It’s anticipate that more than 2 billion people watch the event.

There were almost 2 million spectators at the games. the two records. How much more persuasion is require to convince FIFA Boss was Read that women deserve equal pay?

There was an excellent chance to use the tournament’s indisputable success in Australia and New Zealand to demonstrate that women can compete on a world-class level in sports that are historically dominated by men.

FIFA Boss Should Read the Pitch on Women’s Pay

Instead, the ball was once again kicked (pardon the pun) into the women’s end. more females “with the ability to alter.

“Just keep moving forward, maintain momentum, and keep dreaming, advised Infantino. Nothing indicates that men’s attitudes need to change. Since this was the perfect opportunity to do so, if there ever was one.

The problem transcends athletics. To be fair, Infantino has advocated for increased financial support for women’s sports.

Although it increased from $30 million in 2019 to over $150 million this year.

The prize pool for the women’s World Cup is still well behind the $440 million pool awarded at the men’s World Cup that took place in Qatar the previous year.

The fact that FIFA made $7.5 billion from the Qatar tournament should be taken as evidence of the immense growth potential of the women’s game.

The most recent remarks, however, offer a window into the attitudes that males in positions of authority hold regarding fully acknowledging women as equals, even if they were not intend in the manner in which they were perceive.

FIFA Boss Should Read

Not to add the persistent sexism, as demonstrated by the kiss that momentarily. Overshadowed Spain’s victory over England to win the World Cup on Sunday.

Women are constantly being told to lean in. For the past ten years, they have been doing precisely that. Nonetheless, the process of reaching parity is moving very slowly.

FIFA Boss Should Read the Pitch on Women’s Pay

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2023 Global Gender Gap Report. It will take 131 years to attain political, social, and economic parity.

It was noted that after the epidemic, the overall rate of change had slowe. Even going back to the timeline of 100 years to achieve parity, which is anticipat in 2020, “would necessitate a dramatic acceleration of advancement,” the report state.

Women are strong people.

On a never-before-seen scale, they have been upending the entertainment and sports industries this year. The Eras Tour by Taylor Swift is expect to earn over $1 billion.

The contribution of the singer-songwriter to the economy is so significant that the Federal Reserve’s beige book on economic circumstances made reference to her.

The Barbie movie broke the $1 billion barrier in global box office receipts, making Margot Robbie. The film’s star who also agreed to serve as a producer.

FIFA Boss Should Read the Pitch on Women’s Pay

A powerful figure in Hollywood, and director Greta Gerwig is the first female sole director to accomplish that achievement.

In this really brilliant French advertisement that went viral. The World Cup demonstrated that women can draw a crowd and that their athletic talent exceeds that of males.

Little girls and boys were motivat by the record-breaking 32 teams. That participate and were shown what they are capable of. They can have enormous dreams. They now have elite role models as a result of it.

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