Family rescued from wildfires in Maui thanks to iPhone’s Emergency SOS via Satellite

Family rescued from wildfires in Maui thanks to iPhone’s Emergency SOS via Satellite

A family of five was caught in the middle of the wildfires in Maui, Hawaii, and the lack of cellular service did not help matters either. In yet another incident, the iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS via Satellite ended up saving lives. Fortunately for them, one of them had an iPhone 14 Maui thanks to iPhone’s Emergency SOS via Satellite and used it to contact for assistance.

The iPhone 14’s feature alerting first responders made it hard to call for assistance while being surrounded by wildfires.
As reported by 9to5Mac, a family of five was trapped in a van trying to escape the wildfires without a method to phone for assistance. According to Michael J. Miraflor, if Maui thanks to iPhone’s Emergency SOS via Satellite one of the five passengers had not possessed an iPhone 14, the only phone in the United States with the capability to notify authorities via its Emergency SOS via Satellite, their lives may have been in danger.

According to the tweet below, iPhone 14 users can activate the Emergency SOS.

Feature using the satellite capability when there is no mobile service. And Maui thanks to iPhone’s Emergency SOS via Satellite it will prompt them with questions about their current situation. Following that, a link with a satellite starts; because to the distance between the two. This connection can take a while to complete. The authorities and you soon begin communicating by message. During which they learn crucial details like your coordinates that enable them to deploy assistance to your location.

According to CNN, Sector Commander of Coast Guard Sector Honolulu Capt. Aja L. Kirksey worked with first responders to help the locals as much as they could. However, it is nearly impossible to put out wildfires.

“I want to send my heartfelt condolences to the communities that have Maui thanks. iPhone’s Emergency SOS via Satellite been severely impacte ectiveness of our response activities. Our engagement with partner agencies and surrounding jurisdictions remains unwavering.

Maui thanks to iPhone’s Emergency SOS via Satellite.

In related news, a man’s life was saved by the iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS via Satellite when his car plung 400 feet into a gorge. The iPhone 14 supplied the man’s precise location, enabling first responders to find him promptly before something catastrophic occurred. Much like the Maui thanks to iPhone’s Emergency SOS via Satellite family who was spare from nearby wildfires.

The wildfires “suddenly erupted around them,” as Michael J. Miraflor revealed on Facebook, as his brother’s girlfriend’s cousin and his family were in a car. Five individuals were in the white vehicle, but none of them could contact for assistance because there was no mobile coverage nearby.

But fortunately, one of the passengers in the van had an iPhone 14. And that was the only reason they were able to escape the fire. “The only way they could reach emergency personnel was through Apple Emergency SOS. They were literally save,” Miraflor stated.

iPhone asks a few questions regarding the scenario after a user activates.

Emergency SOS because connecting with the satellites can take some time. All of this data is then transmit to relay centers. Where professionals will make assistance requests on the user’s behalf. The user’s emergency contacts can also be given access to the whole transcript, which is what happen in this instance.

We can see how the data was transfer to a relay center in a snapshot provide by Miraflor. The iPhone user claimed that they could not see anything because the flames was “all around” them. The iPhone automatically informed the relay center and the user’s contacts of their location.

A technician at the relay center state that the fire department has been alert. The incident and that first responders were on their way after receiving all the information. Around 30 minutes after calling for assistance, the family was successfully save from the forest fire.

Additional information about Satellite Emergency SOS

Search and rescue teams have referred to the function as a “game changer” and have given it credit for a number of helicopter rescues.

In June, a hiker with a fractured leg who used her iPhone’s satellite Maui thanks. iPhone’s Emergency SOS via Satellite connectivity to ask for assistance was save by a helicopter. Recently, a man was save from an automobile accident. Because to the cooperative abilities of Crash Detection and Emergency SOS through Satellite.

Nowadays, the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg. The Netherlands, and Portugal have access to emergency SOS via satellite. As long as you’re in an area with satellite coverage. It works with any iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro model.

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