Esther Musila’s Daughter Says Her Ideal Man Must Have Money: “Kuwa Na Kitu”

Esther Musila's Daughter Says Her Ideal Man Must Have Money Kuwa Na Kitu

The daughter of Esther Musila depicts the ideal man. Gilda Naibei revealed that she is only attracted to men who have money in their wallets in an interview titled “Money. Have anything, please.

The daughter of Esther Musila spoke out about how she felt when people criticized her mother for being to a younger man.

Esther Musila’s Daughter Says Her Ideal Man

Gilda Naibei explained that if a man wants to capture her heart, he must be wealthy and devoted to her. People’s reactions to her feelings were conflicte, with some praising her for her self-awareness.

Esther Musila's Daughter Says Her Ideal Man Must Have Money: "Kuwa Na Kitu"

The daughter of gospel musician Guardian Angel’s wife, Esther Musila, has spoken candidly about her ideal partner and the impact her mother’s relationship has had on her.

“That was crazy, and we experienced a lot. with conversation.

We eventually understood, though, that whether you do good or bad, people would talk. Someone could choose to dislike you for no reason, including me just by my presence.

Although it was first challenging, I don’t mind because you can only manage yourself. Like I previously stated, there will be another story tomorrow. It’s okay as long as my mother is content.

Simply pursue your happiness, because if you try to find happiness elsewhere, your life will be wasted.

She went on to say that she enjoys dating the well-known artist Guardian Angel.

Esther went on to say that she would live by her own rules.

Moreover, Guardian Angel stated that he has never been happier and added that as long as they are both in love, age is irrelevant. The gospel singer came under fire for dating a woman who might be his mother.

Their relationship was unaffecte in any way by the unfavorable reviews and remarks.

Edday Nderitu clarified that she is not involve in any polygamous unions on Saturday. After confirming that she had separated from her husband Samidoh.

Esther Musila’s Daughter Says Her Ideal Man

The Mugithi star’s marriage to Edday, who is currently living in the US, was called toxic. According to a post on Edday’s social media accounts.

She continued by saying that she needed to safeguard both her adolescent daughter and her own sanity.

Esther Musila's Daughter Says Her Ideal Man Must Have Money: "Kuwa Na Kitu"

“As said, I am not to many people, and I left my husband to be with the person. Who needed him the most. My teen daughter, who regrettably is the direct target of the unbelievable behavior demonstrated. And I decided to extricate ourselves from that toxic environment,” she added.

Edday claimed that she had succeeded in raising her kids using

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