DeSantis Faces Make-or-Break Moment at First GOP Debate

DeSantis Faces Make-or-Break Moment at First GOP Debate

At tonight’s GOP debate, Ron DeSantis has a fantastic opportunity to resurrect his presidential campaign. He will, however, have to withstand what is anticipated to be a vicious wave of assaults.

The Florida governor’s strong showing could persuade voters that he is the GOP’s greatest option to Donald Trump, someone who is equally devoted to the cultural wars but does not carry the burden of several charges.

Opponents are hoping Trump’s absence from the forum would open the door for others to gain attention, and they are working to thwart any such plans by capitalizing on his mistakes.

The fact that DeSantis is in this predicament only a few months after being dubbed “DeFuture” on the front cover of the New York Post tabloid by conservative media magnate Rupert Murdoch shows how far he has fallen.

DeSantis Faces Make-or-Break

Gaffes in his campaign have included insults directed at Trump backers and strategic leaks, as well as overspending that made for unflattering headlines and dwindling enthusiasm.

According to Alex Conant, the communications director for Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“The stakes are higher for DeSantis than any other contender.” This is a crucial opportunity for him to convince his followers that he is superior than his campaign.

DeSantis Faces Make-or-Break Moment at First GOP Debate

The DeSantis campaign is making every effort to lower hopes. Friends and advisers claim that all they want is for him to survive the barrage of criticism that they anticipate coming from competitors eager to garner attention with loud accusations.

DeSantis will be in a good position to take Trump’s place as the clear alternative if legal issues cause him to lose his bid, they claim, if he can avoid taking a fatal blow.

During a gathering for Republican candidates.

In Atlanta over the weekend, Ken Cuccinelli, the founder of the Never Back Down super political action committee that supports DeSantis, said, “I don’t think it truly matters as much as you might think.”

Most People, according to Cuccinelli, don’t start paying attention to politics until early September, after Labor Day. Nevertheless, those who donate to politics are already aware.

Robert Bigelow, a hotel tycoon and significant supporter, has stated he won’t contribute any more money than the $20 million he has already contributed until more donors begin to chip in and DeSantis modifies his policy stances.

DeSantis Faces Make-or-Break Moment at First GOP Debate

Once DeSantis changed his mind about the conflict in Ukraine and signed a bill severely restricting abortion in Florida, other contributors lost patience with him.

Conant stated that DeSantis “truly has to prove to those funders that he is ready for the job.” They were all quite enthusiastic about him six months ago, but now they are less so.

Before the first debate in 2024, GOP candidates laid out their plans.

The campaign’s carefree attitude belies the meticulous planning that has been going on behind the scenes since late May.

DeSantis hired Brett O’Donnell, a skilled debate coach who assisted President George W. Bush in getting ready for the 2004 debates. O’Donnell has been visiting Tallahassee frequently since late spring.

According to those familiar with the preparations who asked not to be identifiy discussing a confidential strategy.

DeSantis has participated in at least one practice DeSantis Faces Make-or-Break session each week since announcing his candidacy three months ago.

A select group of advisers has been working with him, including Jason Johnson, who helped Senator Ted Cruz of Texas get ready for the 2016 debates.

Both a situation in which Trump appeare on stage and a scenario in which he did not were plan for.

Given his significant lead in the polls, Trump declared on Sunday that he would forego the Milwaukee debate and any subsequent forums.

DeSantis will literally be in the midst of the debate since the DeSantis Faces Make-or-Break stage will be set up with the candidates with the highest poll numbers in the middle.

DeSantis Faces Make-or-Break Moment at First GOP Debate

According to those briefed on the plans, DeSantis plans to emphasize his conservative record in Florida. Where he rejected COVID lockdowns.

Took control of school curriculum, and loosened gun laws, as well as his ability to challenge. Vice President Joe Biden and his ideas for the economy and foreign policy.

Trump claims he won’t participate in the debates. With competitors

Aubrey Jewett, a political science professor at the University of Central Florida. Stated that “the debate is his last best chance to relaunch and renew his campaign.”

Even though the super-PAC backing him produced a memo asking him to do so. DeSantis isn’t anticipated to aggressively challenge his fellow Republicans. The governor DeSantis Faces Make-or-Break himself said he hadn’t seen the memo, and a number of allies dismissed it as utterly useless.

Campaign manager James Uthmeier wrote in a letter to supporters. “We are fully prepared for Governor DeSantis to be the target of attacks and on the receiving end of false.

Desperate accusations from other candidates and the legacy media.” We all understand why our rivals are force to take this route. Governor DeSantis and President Trump are vying for the Republican nomination.

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