Continental Taps Google’s AI Technology for Cars: Munich Update

Continental Taps Google’s AI Technology for Cars Munich Update

This week at the IAA Mobility auto show, European manufacturers are showcasing their newest battery-powered vehicles in an effort to compete with Tesla Inc. and stave off growing Chinese competition.

Compared to just two years ago, the number of Chinese firms present at the IAA has more than doubled.

As producers like BYD Co. and Xpeng Inc. push into Europe to escape a bitter price war and a slowing economy.

is discussing these issues and others with executives from companies including Volkswagen AG, Mercedes-Benz Group AG, BMW AG, Renault SA, and a number of their Chinese rivals, as well as suppliers Robert Bosch GmbH and Continental AG.

Crucial Narratives

  • China disrupts Germany’s historically least-German auto show
  • BMW enlists China’s assistance to electrify the Mini Cooper
  • Next-generation EVs from BMW will make more money, according to CEO.
  • Mercedes stakes its EV supremacy on range to challenge Tesla’s
  • VW makes design improvements as EV sales in China decline.

Continental is integrating Google’s generative artificial intelligence technology into car dashboards, allowing drivers to communicate with their vehicles.

Continental Taps Google’s AI Technology

The technology will be include into the high-performance cockpit computer already in use by the German auto parts manufacturer.

The AI may be questioned by drivers on a variety of subjects, from determining the proper tire pressure to learning more about the highlights of their journey. The system responds instantly.

In 18 months, according to Continental, the solution should be ready for production. The supplier predicted that 30 different cars will have the high-performance cockpit computers by the end of the next year.

In light of Tesla and Chinese automakers’ price reduction, Renault CEO Luca de Meo stated that it is “essential to avoid a price competition in the medium term.”

Next year, Renault still intends to list Ampere, its electric vehicle and software division. By doing so, it will be able to establish itself.

As a “pure EV player” and eventually lower the price of EVs.

According to de Meo in an interview with Television, EVs are “not a mature technology yet.”

Although the European auto industry is currently “very quiet,” de Meo said Renault’s plans to introduce a new model every month starting in 2019 Continental Taps Google’s AI Technology

should help the automaker survive the challenging environment.

Oliver Blume, the CEO of VW, believes that China’s economy will recover from its current difficulties, and he is position the automaker to quickly launch new products when it does.

Blume stated in an interview with Television that “the market development in China is not as robust as we projected a year ago.

Continental Taps Google’s AI Technology

But I’m extremely hopeful that the Chinese market will have a comeback.” “It’s crucial that we get ready to go there.”

Blume anticipates that VW’s new collaboration with Xpeng Inc. will immediately pay off in terms of offering new, more specialized.

Products to Chinese consumers as Volkswagen attempts to reverse the country’s decreasing EV sales.

Volkswagen is still concentrating on its integrated cell and battery production, a crucial strategy for achieving a competitive edge thanks to the company’s enormous scale.

According to Blume, Volkswagen plans to employ its unified cell in around 80% of its future electric vehicles.

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