Congress Raises Questions As Auction Notice For Sunny Deol’s Bungalow Gets Withdrawn

Congress Raises Questions As Auction Notice For Sunny Deol's Bungalow Gets Withdrawn

Sunny Deol, an actor and BJP member, owns a property in Mumbai’s Juhu neighborhood. Today, the state-owned Bank Of Baroda revealed that the auction notice for the bungalow has been rescinded.

For the purpose of recouping the 56 crore from Mr. Deol’s property, which had been put up for sale on Sunday, Bank of Baroda has set an e-auction for August 25.

Since December 2022, the Gurdaspur MP.

Has been in arrears on a Bank of Baroda loan of Rs 55.99 crore. In a statement release today, the Bank of Baroda stat: “Corrigendum to e-auction notice with reference to sale auction notice in respect of Mr. Ajay Singh Deol alias.

Mr. Sunny Deol stands withdrawn owing to technical reasons.” The bank had Congress Raises Questions As Auction Notice stated on Sunday that the auction for the Juhu property known as Sunny Villa will start at 51.43 crore with a minimum offer of 5.14 crore.

Also, an auction was plan for the 599.44-square-meter property, which includes Sunny Villa and Sunny Sounds. This property is back by Dharmendra, Sunny Deol’s actor-politician father, who serves as the personal guarantor.

Sunny Sounds, a business owned by the Deols that is the corporate guarantee for the loan.

According to the letter sent out on Sunday, the Deol family still has the opportunity to pay off their outstanding debt with the bank, which would stop the auction process in compliance with the SARFAESI Act of 2002’s requirements.

Congress Raises Questions As Auction Notice For Sunny Deol's Bungalow Gets Withdrawn

The Congress party today inquired into the origin of the “technical issues” that led to the withdrawal in response to the bank’s warning.

“The country learned yesterday afternoon that the Bank of Baroda has put Sunny Deol’s Juhu. Home up for e-auction since he hasn’t paid the Bank the 56 crore he owes them.

Congress Raises Questions As Auction Notice

The country learned this morning that the Bank of Baroda has canceled the auction notice owing to “technical problems” in less than 24 hours.

Who set off these “technical reasons”?” Jairam Ramesh, a congressman, posted something on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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Congress Raises Questions As Auction Notice For Sunny Deol's Bungalow Gets Withdrawn

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