Ciara Is Pregnant With Baby No 4, Her 3rd With Husband Russell Wilson

Ciara Is Pregnant With Baby No 4

Ciara is adding a new addition to the Ciara Is Pregnant With Baby No 4 Wilson family!

According to People, the “Level Up” singer took to social media on Tuesday and revealed she’s expecting her fourth child, third with her NFL quarterback husband, Russell Wilson.

“You look at me like that again, we make another kid…

You my heart I’m your rib” 🥰😘❤️,” Ciara wrote in the post’s caption as she revealed her growing baby bump while dancing in front of a pool.

This child will be the couple’s third, in addition to son Win Harrison Wilson, 3, and daughter Sienna Princess Wilson, 6. The 37-year-old is also a mom to Future Zahir Wilburn, 9, whom she shares with her ex, rapper Future.

E! News reported Russell shared his plans to expand his family during a March 2022 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ciara Is Pregnant With Baby No 4 was a guest host on the show, and the Denver Broncos quarterback asked a question about having more children.

“Can we have more babies?” he asked. The Atlanta native chuckled and agreed, saying, “We definitely can,” later adding, “I’m down to do it again with you.”

It’s safe to say the pair has already made plans to add another child to their roster!

Ciara Is Pregnant With Baby No. 4, Her third With Husband Russell Wilson

A source close to Ciara revealed, “Ciara has been working and traveling all through her pregnancy. She shot the ‘How We Roll’ video while pregnant. She was dancing on set all day long for a full day’s shoot,” according to the insider.

“She’s one of those mothers who has energy throughout her whole pregnancy. She always calls her life organized chaos—but it’s organized chaos taking it up another notch,” they added.

According to Blavity, Chris Brown and Ciara’s new single “How We Roll” was released on Friday. Due to the 34-year-old’s accusations of domestic violence against women, she also received criticism from fans over the collaboration.

Russell Wilson and Ciara announce they are expecting another child after years of teasing his wife about having another child.

Russell Wilson is getting his wish for more children after verbally putting the idea to his wife, Ciara Is Pregnant With Baby No 4

The Denver Broncos quarterback got down on one knee and proposed to Ciara on the “Ellen” show in 2022, as previously reported by the Grio.

New management has been hired for Normani, and new music is forthcoming. After parting ways with Brandon Silverstein of S10 Entertainment in May, the 27-year-old performer is now under the management of Brandon Creed and Lydia Asrat, according to Rolling Stone.

According to Normani’s new team, “With new songs on the horizon, and Asrat and Creed now in charge of her musical career, she and the rest of her team are incredibly eager to embark on this new chapter and relationship.” She sends Silverstein her best regards.

Asrat oversees Coco Jones as well through her own business, 10Q Management. She co-managed Doja Cat from 2017 to March 2022 and was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2022. On his end, Creed oversees the careers of musicians like Troye Sivan and Charli XCX. He very recently established Good World Management, his own management firm.

You continue to give me that look, and we have another child. You are my rib; I am your heart. It appears like the NFL star, 34, recorded the video of Ciara dancing in front of a pool and displaying her expanding belly during their anniversary vacation to Japan last month. Ciara captioned the video.

The power couple already has a boy, Win Harrison, 3, and a daughter, Sienna Princess, 6. Also, the “Level Up” singer and her ex-partner Future share a 9-year-old son named Future Zahir.

The strong couple, who got married in 2016,

will need to keep up with four kids running about now that their family is growing. “Future enjoys beatboxing with me, and they do anything from dance to playing the piano. Sienna enjoys dancing and participates in gymnastics, ballet, and soccer in addition to her passion for dance. Basketball, football, and baseball are among his favorites. Although I’m curious about what they’ll finally do, it’s been entertaining to watch. In our home, there is never a dull time.” Earlier this year, Ciara gushed exclusively to OK! exclusively.

The businesswoman said that even though her children have some pretty well-known parents, she is unsure if they are aware of how important their parents are to the world. She said, “It depends on the situation.

Russell Wilson and Ciara have announced that they are expecting their third child.

The 37-year-old singer announced her pregnancy on Instagram on August 8 with a black-and-white video. In the video, Ciara could be seen dancing and posing beside a pool while flaunting her growing baby bulge. Her and Chris Brown’s brand-new song, “How We Roll,” is featured in the video as well.

She continued by confirming her pregnancy in the post’s caption, where she also added a few words from her most recent song. You continue to stare at me in that way, and we have another child. She wrote, “You are my heart and I am your rib.

Many well-known people have since congratulated the couple on the birth of their child in the post’s comments, with singer Chloe Bailey writing: “YES,” accompanied with three heart eyes emojis.

Normani, a vocalist, tweeted, “OMG CONGRATULATIONS @ciara @dangerusswilson.” I’m yelling for you all.

A lot of viewers Of Ciara Is Pregnant With Baby No 4 praised the video in the comments,

A lot of viewers praised the video in the comments, with one writing: “Now that’s how you announce a pregnancy…


Wilson also uploaded the video of his wife and said that he was the one who recorded it on his own Instagram, where he also shared the news. He joked, “That’s just ‘How We Roll,'” in the post.

The “Level Up” singer and her husband already have two children: a son, Win, who is three years old, and a daughter, Sienna, who is six. Future, Ciara’s nine-year-old son, is also a shared child with her ex, Future.

The news by the couple also comes a year after Wilson revealed his desire to grow his family. When Ciara invited her husband on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a guest presenter, he asked her, “Can we have more babies?… Just give me one more at least.”

The singer responded by laughing out loud, at which point she told her spouse—to whom she has been married since 2016—that she was okay with having more kids. We can, without a doubt, she said. “We have some time before we arrive… But if you want to try again, I’m game.

The NFL player made a different joke about having additional children back in 2020. You smell like you’re ready to get pregnant again, he told Ciara in a video she shared on her Instagram to promote her fragrance line.

The “Body Party” singer has kept up her open dialogue about parenthood in the interim. She acknowledged that, although “getting better” at handling the stress of the back-to-school season, she still has a busy schedule as a parent of three during an interview with People earlier this m through an incredibly upsetting year.


The singer had previously come under fire for her most recent affiliation with the controversial Chris Brown. She also revealed earlier today that she is expecting her fourth child, who will be her third kid with her husband Russell Wilson. Here is all the information you require.

Russell Wilson and Ciara Is Pregnant With Baby No 4 are expecting their third child.
The Way We Roll singer unexpectedly revealed on August 8 that she is expecting her fourth child, the third with her current partner, Russell Wilson. The delighted pair posted a video announcement of their great news to Instagram. The NFL player caught the couple’s enthusiasm on camera while they were on their anniversary trip to Japan last month.

In the video, the Level Up singer is seen dancing in a swimming suit to Chris Brown’s new song, “How We Roll,” while her spouse records her in front of the pool to show off her growing baby bulge. Their enthusiasm was captured in the caption, which said, “You continue to give me that look, and we have another child. Your rib is my heart for you.” The next member of their family will join Win, 3, and Sienna Princess, 6, who are already there. The 37-year-9-year-old old’s son Future Zahir, who she has with her ex-partner musician Future, is also her child.

An individual who spoke to People Magazine claimed that the singer had “Throughout her whole pregnancy, she worked and traveled. While expecting, she recorded the “Way We Roll” video. She spent the entire day dancing on the set for a day-long shoot.” The source expressed surprise at how much “energy” she has during pregnancy.

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Ciara is in trouble for working with Chris Brown.
The musician received the good news a few days after she made headlines for partnering with a contentious artist like Chris Brown. After brutally attacking his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, the Look At Me musician first experienced public disgrace. Also back then, Ciara worked with him before the news surfaced and made the decision to use his songs in her album. Fans are now criticizing the musician for collaborating with a man who has been accused of abuse as recently as 2022.

The GetUp singer, meanwhile, recently returned from a summer vacation with her family. She told People Magazine that she treasures “moments like that” when she can travel and spend time with her family.

Yeah, Ciara is carrying a new child. The happy news of Ciara Is Pregnant With Baby No 4 has once again put the celebrity power couple Ciara and Russell Wilson in the limelight. The 37-year-old singer, best known for hits like “How We Roll,” shared the good news with her followers on Instagram.

The duo can be seen beaming with joy and love in a sweet Instagram video Ciara recently shared. The video was taken during the couple’s recent anniversary vacation to Japan. Russell jokingly teases Ciara at the start of the video, stating, “You look at me like that again, we produce another kid.”

Ciara Is Pregnant With Baby No 4 is shown dancing effortlessly in front of a beautiful pool as the camera pans to her, turning to show her expanding baby bulge. The video’s touching caption is “You my heart I’m your rib,” and it says as much. The newest member of their family will join Sienna Princess, 6, and Win, 3, who are already a part of Ciara and Russell’s household.

In addition,

Ciara is the mother of Future Zahir, a 9-year-old boy, who she had with the rapper Future. The couple’s shared happiness reveals their dedication to raising a family and their excitement to welcome a new kid. The pregnancy of Ciara has been anything but routine.

It’s noteworthy that she carried on with her creative endeavors and active lifestyle during her pregnancy. Ciara Is Pregnant With Baby No 4 even shot a music video during her previous pregnancy with Win while she was nine months along. According to a source close to the artist, Ciara worked and traveled throughout her pregnancy.

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