Castro: OVP spent ₱125 million confidential funds in 19 days

Castro OVP spent ₱125 million confidential funds in 19 days

Rep. France Castro of the ACT Teachers Party-list asserted on Monday that the Office of the Vice President (OVP) used all 125 million of its secret money in 2022 in just 19 days.

Castro, the deputy minority leader in the House, said that the OVP used the monies in 2022 despite not having had Congressional approval.

According to her, the General Appropriations Act for that year did not include any funding for the OVP’s private costs.

“This was not approved, and we saw there was a contingent fund from the Office of the President where this 125 million confidential fund originated from,” she said to CNN Philippines’ The Source on August 28.

The 2022 SARO-BMB-C-22-0012004 for the OVP, totaling $221,424,000, was release on December 13, 2022, according to a second statement from Castro.

Castro OVP spent ₱125 million

“To cover Financial Assistance/Subsidy and Confidential Fund per Office of the President Approved dated November 28, 2022,” the statement reads. Special Allotment Releasing Order is refer to as SARO.

She pointed out that this sum comprises the 125 million dollars set aside for secret funds as well as more than 96.4 million dollars for medical aid.

Castro said, “The OVP reported that of this amount, as of the Quarter ending December 31, 2022, it had obligated and disbursed Php 155,000,000.

With Php 66,424,000 remaining as unobligated allotment in its Statement of Appropriations, Allotments, Obligations, Disbursements and Balances (SAAODB) as of December 31, 2022.

As of the quarter ending June 30, 2023, the Contingent Fund: Financial Assistance/Subsidy-Others section of the OVP’s SAAODB reported the same amount of 66,424,000.

This suggests that the 125 million in Secret Funds “was already spent by December 31, 2022, couple with Php30,000,000 of the Financial Help, for a total of Php155,000,000,” according to Castro.

In other words, from December 13 to December 31, 2022,

OVP spent all 125 million in just 19 days, or around 7 million each day, the congressman noted.

Castro has previously stated that Vice President Sara Duterte may face criminal charges for a variety of offences, including alleged technical misconduct.

Unauthorised use of public funds, and contravention of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

“We request that the OVP give a thorough public accounting of how the Php 125 million was used. We hope that Vice President.

Sara Duterte will directly explain her stance on this delicate topic during the OVP budget hearing,” Castro said in a statement on Saturday.

Castro OVP spent ₱125 million

The Commission on Audit, according to her, promised to look into the situation and report back to the House Appropriations Committee.Castro OVP spent ₱125 million

Although Castro had previously stated that it is too soon to talk about an impeachment case against Duterte, she stuck to her stance that the OVP’s use of private monies last year was “illegal.”

When asked by the media if she was looking into the vice president’s probable impeachment, the legislator responded that she will look into measures to hold Duterte accountable for alleged transgressions in relation to the confidential money

The Office of the Vice President (OVP) has recently come under fire as claims surface that a sizeable sum of 125 million from confidential funds was allegedly spent within the span of just 19 days.

The disclosure has sparked a firestorm of discussion and worry, raising issues with accountability, transparency.

The proper use of public cash. In this article, we examine the accusations, probable repercussions, and the significance of preserving public faith in government.

The Complaints

Both the political environment and the general public have been shake by the bombshell allegation that the OVP distributed 125 million from confidential funds in less than three weeks.

If this significant expense is confirm, it calls into question. The judgement used to allocate these funds and the systems in place to supervise their use.

The majority of the time, monies designate as confident are use for secretive. Unanticipated, or sensitive expenses that call for some level of confidentiality.

Objectivity and Accountability

Transparency and accountability in public office are the cornerstones of any democracy that is able to function.

The obligation to defend the use of public funds, especially substantial quantities like the estimated 125 million, becomes crucial.

People are legally entitle to know how their money is spent. These decisions are in the best interests of the general public.

Castro OVP spent ₱125 million

The charges have sparked requests for a thorough accounting of the 125 million dollar spending. Clarity is require when answering enquiries.

Regarding the types of costs, the individual projects sponsored. The explanations for such large sums of money spent so quickly.

Possible Consequences

A considerable amount of money being allegedly misappropriat or dubiously. Allocated in a short period of time can have far-reaching effects.

In addition to the immediate transparency worries, it can damage the public’s confidence in governmental institutions.

Doubts about the use of confidential funds could prompt requests for stricter rules. More effective oversight, and more scrutiny of all public spending.

Keeping Public Confidence

The allegations highlight how important transparency is in preserving the public’s faith in political institutions.

In addition to ensuring accountability, transparency strengthens. The notion that those in positions of authority are good stewards of public resources.

The OVP must address the issues quickly and openly in order to regain and maintain trust. This could involve giving a thorough breakdown of the expenses.

Outlining the justification for each expense, and showcasing. How these activities are in line with the OVP’s mission and ultimately benefit the public.

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