Canada school cancels permission for ‘Khalistan Referendum’ citing AK-47 posters

Canada school cancels permission for ‘Khalistan Referendum’ citing AK-47 posters

After complaints about campaign materials depicting an AK-47 machine gun, Canadian authorities withdrew their approval for the Khalistan Referendum organisers to hold voting at a public school.

The occasion was slated to take place in Surrey, British Columbia, on September 10. Due to a breach of their standards.

The Surrey District School Board cancelled the Canada school cancels permission rental arrangement. An independent Sikh state in Punjab is being established as a result of the referendum.

India has complained that Canadian land was used for the secessionist referendum.

Canada school cancels permission

On Sunday, the Canadian government revoked its approval for the so-called Khalistan Referendum’s organisers to hold polling.

At a public school in response to complaints over their promotional materials, which featured an image of an AK-47 machine rifle.
On September 10, the referendum was slate to take place at Tamanawis Secondary School in Surrey, British Columbia.

The Surrey District School Board, however, announced in a release on Sunday that they had cancelled. A community rental of one of their schools because of a breach of their rental agreement.

Together with the picture of the school, the referendum poster also included an AK-47 machine gun and a kirpan.

The event’s organisers “failed to remove these upsetting photos despite numerous requests to address. The matter, and materials remain to be distributed Canada school cancels permission around Surrey and on social media,” the announcement stated.

It stated that the event organisers had been inform of the decision. As a school system, our main goal is to give our children a high-quality education, assist them.

Offer a safe environment for their school communities.

Our contracts, rules, and regulations including those governing rentals assist. Our district in fostering a secure environment for our residents. This applies to anyone renting our facilities,” the message continued.

On behalf of his organisation, Maninder Gill, president of the Friends of Canada and India Foundation in Surrey, “welcomed the decision.”

Concerned Indo-Canadians report to the school board Canada school cancels permission earlier this week. That Talwinder Singh Parmar posters had been place all over the school grounds.

Because they were outrage about the referendum and the use. A government school for the purpose. Parmar is regard as the primary planner of the terrorist bombing of Air India Flight 182. The Kanishka, on June 23, 1985, which left 329 people dead.

Concerned Citizens of Surrey also drew attention to the AK-47 image in their letter. The statement read, “This open promotion of gun violence.

Is the responsibility of the School Board, City of Surrey, and Provincial Government of British Columbia to the parents.”

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